PND fittings

PND fittings

PNP polyethylene pipes and fittings are widely used in the installation of water supply systems, technological pipelines and irrigation systems. Connecting elements made of high pressure of high density are made. The technology of their production is similar to the production of plastic pipes PND, which gives a guarantee of quality.

PND fittings are not corroded, durable, have small weight. Camples and bounces make it possible to turn pipelines in any direction, which is often important enough, given the path of passing the pipeline. The tees and the crosses make it possible to perform the necessary branches of pipelines, which is especially important when city pipelines are laid.

Flanges and flange endings are used when connecting pipelines to shut -off valves, as well as these types of Fiting PND make it possible to join plastic pipes to the steel pipeline.

There are several types of PND fittings: PE cast, electric welding, compression. Each of these species has its advantages.

We will consider in more detail the electric welding or, as they are also called, fittings with embedded electric heaters. In the production process, they are equipped with heating elements. With electric heating of the wire to a certain temperature, the polyethylene begins to melt, as a result of which a strong connection with the PND pipes is formed, which persists for a long time.

Throughout the entire service life, electric welding fittings retain all their technical characteristics, are not corroded and rust. When installing electric welding parts of the pipeline, welding machines are used. A barcode is delivered to each part, which allows an error at the time of welding.

Electric welding fittings of PND are used where the docking is inconvenient. Such cases include emergency repairs of the PND pipeline, where installation conditions are extremely uncomfortable and constrained. The electric welding connecting elements are practical and reliable, with proper installation they will serve without losing their initial characteristics, supporting the uninterrupted operation of the pipeline.

Electric welding fittings are not toxic, therefore, they are often used to install water supply systems. They are also used in the installation of oil pipelines and pipelines for technical fluids and chemical facilities.

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