Poisonous plants that are medicines

Poisonous plants that are medicines

Not so long ago, scientists compiled a catalog, which included the most common poisonous plants growing in the country. It is always worth remembering that even the most beautiful flower at first glance can be a very dangerous and poisonous plant that will cause irreparable damage to your health.

About thirty -five species of the most dangerous and toxic plants are known in the middle lane of Russia. Therefore, you can protect yourself and your health by studying the special characteristics of each of the plants. In this case, you will not only be able to recognize the threat, but also correctly react to one or another poisonous vegetation, without allowing harm to your health and the health of your loved ones.

So, the most common are the following poisonous plants: ordinary beauty (Belladonna), Rooster Eye, Poisonous milestones, spotty carcasses, Maisky valley, wolf lyko, Blain Blain, Belaya, celandine, Kannovsky horseman, Canadian gold, rampant -leaf, oster -legged and iconic rampant, ostentature and ostentatuity. Many, many others.

All these plants are an increased danger to our health. However, many of them, at the same time, are of considerable benefit for medicine. For example, celandine with proper use is used to treat the nervous system, as well as to increase the tone of smooth muscles of the uterus. The list of drugs that are made of potentially dangerous plants, you can find on the site. This is given a description of each of the species of dangerous plants, as well as some recipes of drugs that can be made at home in compliance with all the necessary requirements.

Today, medicines made on the basis of poisonous plants are very popular. People prefer to use folk remedies to cure certain diseases. This is due to the fact that the natural product will always be more useful and effective than the tablets produced in chemical laboratories, the composition of which contains a huge number of substances harmful to the body.

However, it is possible to purchase medicines based on toxic plants only in proven places. Thus, by acquiring a medicine from a stranger you expose the life and health of potential danger, because not always and not everyone manages to adequate all the proportions prescribed in the prescription.

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