Proper purchase of an apartment in a house under construction

Proper purchase of an apartment in a house under construction

Despite the fact that housing prices are constantly rising, analysts assure that a square meter of real estate in Moscow will not soon be equal to the level of average monthly income of the capital’s residents. However, people need housing, and many have to think about buying an apartment in a house under construction, because at this stage prices are much lower.

First of all, you need to get acquainted with possible action schemes. The options are as follows: drawing up a shared participation agreement (DDU), a preliminary contract of sale, the acquisition of a housing certificate or bill, membership in a housing cooperative and others. But before comparing all these options, you need to decide where and what housing you want to buy.

For many, the location of the future housing is the main factor when choosing an apartment, so the location is selected with all the thoroughness, while transport accessibility, convenience of the district, infrastructure, in some cases even ecology are taken into account. Next, you need to find out the type of house under construction, determine the number of rooms, layout, finish. The modern real estate market offers monolithic-brick, monolithic, panel and brick houses, apartments in which have the most different layout up to the free. An important factor is the price, so you need to determine for yourself the limits of the cost of a square meter, as well as consider possible credit options, if there is no way to pay for the real estate at a time. You can also move to another region, even if it is far away, for example, you can see real estate in nuclearine. And finally, it is recommended to evaluate the liquidity of the apartment – Will it be possible in the future if necessary to quickly sell it at a decent price.

When all of the above issues are resolved, you can begin to search for housing. You can do it yourself or contact the realtor.

If you decide to look for housing on your own, then remember the pluses and minuses of this option. The pluses of course include that you do not pay an intermediary (realtor) for services and you can save an ennary amount that can be very tangible to you, and also with your own search, you can understand the situation yourself and you will be sure that you know everything necessary and all the nuances. In addition, with your own search, you will not consider what is not interesting to you or does not fit. However, it is important to remember that this method of finding housing takes a lot of time, because for some time you should only deal with the issues of buying housing, delving into everything necessary. There is a risk of sticking on pitfalls, which are a lot of housing in the housing market. Moreover, sometimes accompanying papers not only do not clarify, but even more confused the situation and «Fog catch up». And, of course, you are not safe from errors, the correction of which can be very expensive. However, the appeal to realtors can be unpleasant and not very effective. What to do?

Experts recommend contacting the realtor so that he will fulfill the most time -consuming and costly part of the transaction. This may be the preparation and receipt of requests, obtaining various certificates, and so on. But the buyer must verify the documentation himself and make the final decision. However, if a person perfectly understands what he wants, then he already understands at least some in a market situation, price fluctuations and other important issues. Of course, additional knowledge in this matter will never hurt. This may be information, for example, about the seller company. How to get it?

You can see the necessary documentation in the organization’s office. By the way, there you can also get the first impression that will be made not only from the appearance of the office, but also from the appeal of employees, their manners to communicate with visitors and some other factors. Compare several companies. If in any company you are not ready to present various confirming and general documents (the right to attract funds, the right to the land used, etc. D.), feel free to cut off such a company from your list.

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