Red color in the design

Red color in the design

The alchemists concentrated the initial snow-white and fiery-painting combination, calling it “flowers of real perfection”. And this is not unusual, because white has always been associated with us with purity, and red with an indestructible vital force. Actually, from this (it is worth looking into theosophical books and textbooks of history) we will find so many options for using red and white, ranging from the emblems and banners, and ending with whole and intricate symbols of parables.

Surely, in fact, the designers could not get around the combination of the red and white side, starting to use in the design of housing interiors. Sometimes they proceeded from the remarks made by psychologists, who said that “white colors of interiors cleanse the brain of unnecessary difficulties, and the psyche is of excessive emotions, and red forces to think, create and dream”, and sometimes acting with an accuracy to the opposite.

Without planning to discuss the pros and shortcomings of certain design decisions, we want to immediately turn to the experience accumulated over the past fifty years, and more specifically since the 60s, when in America, old Europe, and later throughout the world, fashion began to spread. for housing interiors in red and white colors. More specifically, we wish you to tell you about how, by varying red, white and several additional colors, you can give your rooms completely unique, and the most basic – clearly expressed moods.

And so, these are the combinations that we want to tell about:

Colors: red and white

Decorating a room using a combination of similar colors, you must not forget that they never put to comfort. The environment in the room will not be “intense”, but you can never rest in it. The room decorated in bright white colors and red rooms are most suitable for people who preaches an active lifestyle, very often organizing dance parties, and also dear to every minute of their own life, choosing not to waste free time and blissful nothing.

Colors: red and white with a tone of blue

And it is worth a little weaken white, giving it absolutely any of the tones of blue or turquoise, and your room will also acquire a completely different look here. It will have a soft bliss of sleep rooms, or a living room, whose windows overlook the cherry of a delicate and warm sea. Therefore, this combination we advise those who are dreamy and romantic.

Colors: red and white with a tone of gray

The room here will also be cold and restrained. It will arise laconic severity inherent in apartments of business people or bachelors’ dwellings. But you can very easily disperse it with the help of the light of dim lamps and lamas. It is also worth not to forget that only in this color gam any bright picture, like a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase, will become to such an extent a bright spot, which is converted into the main composition of the entire design of the room.

Colors: Scar-red and beige

And this is the coziness that we missed so for a very long time. Actually, such a combination of colors will fill the rooms of your apartment with relaxing calm, almost calling you to go to the ocher tach and take a breath. By the way, just this combination is most suitable for the design of the rooms of the elderly participants in your family and offices of those who work at home.

Colors: white with components of bright red

This color scheme will make it possible to fill your room with air and light, if, for example, of course, you achieve this actually. Moreover, with its use, any, even the smallest room, visually more almost doubles, while small red components will give her a slightly defiant image.

Colors: burgundy, color of oak and stem wood with white components

And this is the noble severity of the Victorian living room, office, dining room or bedroom. Therefore, if you want to give your own housing a rich, but without calling, then you must decorate it only in similar colors.

Colors: red and black with white components

And not everyone will agree to inhabit this kind of room, due to the fact that it is even difficult to compare at least with something gloomy-dustering mood, which it creates. Therefore, this color scheme is suitable only for those who want to openly shock their own guests with a spontaneous and not similar design, or people with an “isoteric” mind of the mind.

There are other varieties of using red and white colors in the design of your apartment (and just in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, halls and sleeping rooms), but we will tell about them in other articles of today’s site. Therefore – come back, we will be absolutely always happy!

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