Reinforcement knitting in reinforced concrete structures

Reinforcement knitting in reinforced concrete structures

Binding reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures is a special technique, the training of which is similar to the training of the ties of sea nodes. This requires some practice so that the builder can boast of that he does everything right.

The reinforcement is used to enhance the strength of the foundations, walls and other concrete structures. Typically, the choice of reinforcement and reinforced concrete is determined by an engineer or architect of the project – from the size of the object, the placement of reinforced concrete, the requirements for flexibility and other features will depend on the purchase of the source materials. Including, it is the developer of the object that orders the reinforcement of a certain type. But the types of reinforcement ligaments most often choose the builder, relying on circumstances.

The type of node is not so important, according to experts. And it is even allowed that some kind of connection can burst. But the builder, who is engaged in a bunch of reinforcement, is reported to be constantly kept in his head, that his main task is to make the design not change the shape during the filling. So, in total, although the strength of the structure does not depend directly on the knitting, it indirectly depends on the correctness of the knitting, because it is the knitting that does not allow the reinforcement to move during concrete filling.

The choice of knitting tools is dictated by the technique that the worker has chosen. Different tools allow you to bend, pull and twist the thin wire. And the success of work, as well as the speed and simplicity with which it will be fulfilled, depends on how well they cope with this task.

The process of ligament of the reinforcement can manually take some time. And often it does not matter if the worker very slowly connects the reinforcement – the main thing is that he does it right. If the deadlines are settled, then you need to call a more experienced specialist to the project.

There are many methods of knitting – they depend on the node that ties the working. The easiest and most common option is one loop. Experts admit that although it is better to choose different types of nodes for the knitting of different elements of the structure, most often they connect everything to one loop. Sometimes it is noted that even corner elements are knitted with one loop, although any training in reinforcement techniques orders to knit angular elements with a special knot.

In addition to knitting, welding can be used to fasten metal reinforcement. But still, builders prefer to bind the elements with wire, which is cheaper and faster.

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