Repair in the living room

Repair in the living room

The hallmark of any apartment or private house is the living room. Here you meet friends and spend most of your free time. Therefore, when choosing a design solution, it is worth considering that the room should not put pressure on a person with a color scheme or many incompatible things. There are at least twelve styles that can be used in its design. But this large choice, often, becomes the main problem in repair, because it is very difficult to dwell on a particular option, and in the end I want everything and nothing.

Since the living room, almost always, is the center of life in the house and the place of friendly meetings, you should not clutter up it too much with all kinds of shelves, cabinets, bedside tables, chairs, puffs and other useless things. The best option may be the presence of a large sofa, a small wall for the living room, as well as, of course, a TV or home theater.

As for the color scheme, it depends on many factors. For example, if your living room is on the bright sunny side, then you can choose a design in dark colors, if on dark – light, also take into account the size of the room, if it is small, then you should not choose heavy dark colors, since they will visually reduce it. If you cannot dwell on a specific color palette, try connecting the furniture of the same color, and the walls are radically another, but do not get too carried away, observe the unity of the style.

If your living room is a bedroom, then it is worth choosing functional furniture and not a very bright finish. Take the basis not only fashionable, but what is comfortable and convenient for you, also do not forget about the visual increase in the room due to light walls and ceilings. But in the case of a large separate room, you can experiment with different styles and the location of furniture not in the usual order, along the walls, but in the center of the room.

Now the Soviet “walls” are replaced by light designs that do not “weight” the room. Therefore, if you prefer modern style, then choose a minimum of furniture and more free space, pay attention to the white color, since now it is in trend. Try not to cover the windows with curtains and tulle, leave them open. Or give preference to fabric roles. Try to choose natural materials, because now eco-style is in fashion.

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