Repair of a country house

Repair of a country house

Repair of your own country house is usually divided into two types. This separation arises depending on what complexity the work carried out is.

So, the first type of repair of a country house can be considered cosmetic repairs. This repair is the cheapest and at the same time the fastest type of repair work. Cosmetic decoration of the house is usually carried out if the room is in fairly good condition. This repair is most often carried out when the hosts want to update the building, for example, change the color of the walls, create a more cozy interior using modern materials, etc.D. During cosmetic repairs, any significant changes do not occur in the house, the old interior is simply updated in the room.

The second type refers the overhaul of the country house. This type of work is more costly in all respects. Overhaul is associated with large -scale work, which can affect not only the interior decoration of the building of the house, but also the replacement of supporting structures, as well as the transfer of working systems. During work related to the overhaul, there is a complete dismantling of absolutely all old materials for decoration, replacing worn structural elements (for example, such as old partitions, tears, beams, etc.), aligning the floors with subsequent waterproofing and insulation, leveling walls, installation of all working systems of the house (for example, electric wiring, sewage, water supply, air conditioning, ventilation, water filters, heating systems, heaters, radiators, as well as electrical panels and t.D.), finishing the room, as well as the exterior decoration of the building of the country house. In addition to all of the above, the overhaul of country houses can be turned into a reconstruction of the building by adding new premises, floors, etc.D. Overhaul differs from all other types of repairs, first of all, in that after its holding a country house changes beyond recognition. But it is worth noting that this type of repair work will require an application of a fairly large amount of effort from you. In addition, you may need the use of special equipment and equipment. It should also be noted that major repairs require more time, effort and financial resources than ordinary cosmetic repairs.

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