Roofing materials-ondulin and composite tiles

Roofing materials-ondulin and composite tiles

Thanks to his composition, Ondulin won the reputation of the most environmentally friendly material. In the manufacture of Andulin, bitumen, resin, cellulose, pigments and minerals are connected. Ondulin sheets are not very heavy, so the installation of the roof can be done alone. Also, there are no special skills and special tools. On average, a week is leaving for the ondulin roof. In addition to roofs, balconies and loggias are insulated with ondulin, facades and so on are sheathed.

Composite tiles are also very popular enough. The price of this material lies in about the same category as the cost of Andulin. High -quality composite tiles in Minsk are offered both wholesale and retail, which allows you to solve the issue and buy roofing materials for one cottage. Favorable prices for composite tiles can be found on the site from hand to hand.

Today, ondulin sheets are produced in the form of a tile or slate. In terms of technical characteristics, they are the same, the difference is only in the size and areas of application. The standard size of ondulin sheets made in the form of slate – 100×200 cm. Wavyness provides stiffness and strength. Sheets of this type are used for roofs without bulges and fractures. Ondulin tiles lies with a non -standard relief, for example, holly roofs. Since the unit of this flexible material is small in size, it is possible to cover a roof that has any contours with tiles.

Ondulin wins in comparison with other roofing materials in his price category. The material is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and frosts, and, therefore, can be used in almost any climatic conditions. Mineral baby, which is the upper protective layer, protects against straight rays of the sun. The fungus is also not terrible of the Andulin Roof. She does not miss moisture or chemicals. By the way, Andulin is able to last more than 25 years, despite the fact that it is a flexible material.

The minor shortcomings of ondulin are that from the effects of natural factors it changes color slightly. There are also cracks at his junctions, although they are easy to cover them with sealant.

Note that people who have already used Andulin to cover the roof speak very well about him. In particular, they say that in their characteristics, Andulin is not inferior even more expensive materials.

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