Selection of a place and drawing up a project of a future bathhouse

Selection of a place and drawing up a project of a future bathhouse

When going to build your own bath, it is necessary to obtain permission from the relevant architectural and construction institutions, the sanitary and epidemiological station, and the fire inspection. The room itself should be at a distance from 8 to 10 meters to the nearest buildings.

The best option for a bath is a room built of well -dried logs. From the inside, the tree is treated with special compounds that protect from the destructive effect of moisture, and with drugs that destroy pathogenic microbes. Any bath should have at least three rooms: locker room, bathing room and steam room. The area of ​​the entire room is calculated depending on the ratio of the number of visitors and the place necessary for each of them. For two or three people you will need 12-15 square meters. The meter should be divided something like this: more than 4 kV. m – locker room, about 5 m kV. – Washing room, from 6 m kV. – The steam room.

So that the cold air does not fall into the room, it must have an extension. Dressing room should definitely be insulated. The central part of the bath is steam room. It will be convenient for visitors if each is provided for an area of ​​at least 1 m. Shelves in the steam room can have one, two or three levels.

The main element of any bath is a stove-stove. In order to avoid fire, it must be mounted at a safe distance from the walls. The furnace is installed so that it gives heat to the room for washing and in the locker room. High temperature should constantly be maintained in the steam room. Heating the bath, which has a smaller area, will take less time and require less firewood consumption.

You should take care of good ventilation of the room. Under the ceiling, it is necessary to make an exhaust hole, strengthening it with a forced ventilation, allowing to convert 10 to 20 cubic meters of air per hour per person. And if you want to find a place for any holiday, see the best banquet halls in Moscow.

The lighting of the steam room using a large window will necessarily lead to a huge loss of heat. When installing electrical lighting devices, it must be borne in mind that they must have protection against moisture penetration.

In order for the water to flow well, the bath is built in the highest place. It is necessary to insulate all the rooms, otherwise it will be problematic to create the desired temperature regime there.

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