Siding as building material

Siding as building material

Currently, a wide selection of siding is presented on the building materials market. The most popular today is vinyl siding, for the production of which polyvinyl chloride is used. Such material is absolutely harmless to human health and the environment. Vinyl siding is available in the form of panels, and is usually used as the exterior decoration of the walls of residential buildings and other buildings.

Vinilov Siding was very popular due to its some characteristics that allow it more attractive compared to other similar materials used to make external decoration. At the moment, you can buy siding, which has fire -fighting properties and high resistance to external atmospheric influences.

Such material does not crack over time and does not lend itself to rot under the influence of high humidity, for a long time retains its appearance, is very easily mounted. Siding can be attached to the base using nails or screws, through the holes specially provided for this. Between themselves, the panels are connected using bends located at their edges.

A basement siding is a more durable material than vinyl. It is usually used to clad the basement of the buildings and foundation. Such siding is made of strong polymeric materials, so such material is very practical and resistant to mechanical influences, which is important in the case of its use as a decoration of the lower parts of the structure. Such siding is made in the form of panels, with imitation of brick, wooden or stone decoration. The installation of such a material also does not represent great difficulties, so you can clarify the building with its help yourself.

In addition, the market presents a large range of metallic siding. For its manufacture, steel, aluminum and other metals are used. The main advantages of such a material should be indicated by increased fire resistance, high strength, resistance to external negative influences. Metal siding can be used as a wall insulation, it does not burn out in the sun and does not let in moisture. It can have a painted or polymer coating, on the quality of which its service life depends.

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