Siding for brick photos and price

Siding for brick photos and price

Siding is called finishing material for facades of the house. These are stoves for which length from two to six meters and a width of ten to thirty centimeters. Siding from wood is indicated by the type of wood fiber: the degree of heat treatment, the percentage of moisture, whether there is an antiseptic impregnation in the siding.

Vinyl siding sizes and prices

Important physical properties of siding based on vinyl, produced by liquidating companies in Canada and the United States are demonstrated in the table below:

As you can see, vinyl siding is good for finishing work. The dimensions of vinyl siding siding on a vinyl base are now represented by panels of this main size: 3.05 m, 3.66 m, 3.85 m. The panels have a width – 205 mm, 232 mm, 255 mm, 305 mm. Thickness approximately 1-1.2 mm.

Vinyl -based siding, in addition to the main structural material, has certain substances in its own composition, they make technical specifications improve. Cement siding. Its structure is cement. It does not light up, and therefore can be applied where high requirements for fire safety. But siding the material is heavy and expensive.

Siding is popular in facade insulation, because of its obvious positive qualities:

very resistant to a large spectrum of negative influences – direct rays of the sun, high moisture, temperature, perfectly tolerates the effect of slightly alkaline and slightly acidic solutions and vapors;

racks to mechanical loads, scratches and damage;

Over time, this material does not get old, does not crack;

does not rust, does not rot, mushrooms and microorganisms will not be started in it;

Ecological material, not a combustible and does not conduct an electric shock;

Simple on installation. You can install it with your own hands, you do not need much experience;

finishing work can be carried out in any weather;

The warranty from the manufacturer – fifty years.

Since siding has many colors, its color is very easy to choose for an existing structure design. He is not demanding in care. And you need to wash with detergent and warm water. The material is flexible, this will sheathe a house of a very complex design and geometry.

In the market of our country, you can find material of both the production of our country (Mordside and Docke) and foreign – Canada (Mitten and Kaycan) and the USA (Varitorm and Nailite). Canadian and American are expensive. But domestic production is in no way inferior to Canadian and American.

Brick siding

Panels that imitate brick masonry are very popular. They differ if they compare them with conventional PVC panels and more correctly called them not brick siding, but panels for facades.

Today, such panels are produced by many leaders of the market for decoration from good raw materials, this ensures durability and good appearance throughout the working period.

As you can see, even from a small distance you can’t distinguish whether it is cladding with polymers -based panels or real brick masonry.

The colors of the panels are again very very different and you can actually purchase any shade that repeats the color of an unusual masonry – from the burned brick of red to the colored finishing.

Siding under stone photo and price

So, stone siding perfectly copies various stone options, it is very easily installed even in seriously accessible places and is actually not distinguished from the outside from its real brother. By the way, do not forget about isosaiding – Isosaiding in Tyumen saves heating up to 60 %!

Siding or real stone?

Vinyl panels give the facade sophistication and greatness. In truth, when this material appeared, all ideas about finishing material were revised. By purchasing siding for walls, you will get durability and a good appearance of a stone cladding, while spending the price of plaster or paint for the facade.

I must say that from the far you can’t even distinguish siding from a real stone. But, even approaching, you cannot answer this question definitely. So, siding for unnatural stone looks excellent both on private buildings and on the admin buildings. Similarly, selecting the vinyl panels for siding, you will receive not a budget replacement, but a complete replacement, which is inferior to real material perhaps in terms of service duration, and then not in every situation.

Installation of siding for brick – on the base

Siding photo

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