Small kitchen design

Small kitchen design

Designers with great pleasure give recommendations for the design of large kitchen-dining rooms. But in this article we consider the design of small kitchen rooms. Consider what should be done if your kitchen has sizes of no more than eight square meters. So, here are some recommendations, following which you can form comfort in the smallest kitchen, while appropriate everything you need.

one. Measure the room and create a miniature plan on paper with all sockets, angles and protrusions. Thus, it will be much easier for you to make a rearrangement and arrange furniture items. Just cut all objects and try to arrange them according to the plan created. It will be seen right away what is included and what details should be reviewed.

2. During the layout of the kitchen set, it is not at all necessary to proceed from the sewer plum. The sink can be placed in a different place, lengthening the pipes with flexible carts.

3. It also applies to the plate, which can be rearranged using an electric wire or a gas elastic hose.

four. If you do not use the oven often, it is worth purchasing a separate hob and a separate oven. This will help to save space: the hob can be put on any surface of the kitchen corner, and at the same time have convenient shelves for various items in the lower part. And the oven in a similar design of a small kitchen can be removed deeper and only if necessary.

5. Hob and sink should not be located nearby. In the most extreme case, you can put a sink with a “wing” from the side of the stove.

6. A washing machine should not be placed next to the stove: its plastic case can turn yellow from fat and disinfect.

7. It is worth paying attention to the oven, or rather to its door. The design should be planned so that from it to furniture is at least 1.2 meters. This will be required to get a baking sheet without difficulty.

eight. It is not advisable to plan any hinged cabinets over the stove if you are not going to install an hood under them. Otherwise, they will surely be covered with fat. Moreover, they can dry out and disgrace from the couple. Also applies to side lockers. If the hood is not provided, they should be pushed thirty centimeters from the edge of the stove.

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