Soft tile roofing: choosing tips

Soft tile roofing: choosing tips

The design of the roof made of soft tiles – This term means a fairly wide range of bitumen-polymer tiles, which over the past years has been leading a leading position in consumer demand ratings.

Despite the variety of sizes, configurations and outdoor decor, the design of all types of roofing tiles is approximately similar.

What is the roofing tile?

Installation of soft roof

The base of the material is glass chloride or polymer fabric equipped with a double-sided bitumen-polymer cover. As part of modified bitumen – several improving the operational properties of components.

Due to the successful combination of a durable core and atmosphere, moisture-resistant shell, the service life of branded bitumen tiles is 25-30 years.

To protect the coating from solar ultraviolet radiation, mineral decorated sprinkles are used, partially protecting the roofing material from mechanical stresses.

The wrong surface of the tile is a highly effective bitumen glue that provides strong grip of the roof with the base.

Installation of a soft roof is available for independent execution. Many home craftsmen successfully master the laying of tiles without the use of hired labor.

Bitumen-characient roof does not create loads on the supporting frame, so the preparation is most often limited to replacing worn elements, the processing of wood with a preservative and increasing thermal resistance of the material with a composition.

The design of the frame itself should be quite rigid: additional loads from snow and ice should not cause a noticeable deformation.

Failure to fulfill this requirement will inevitably lead to the shedding of the roof and damage to the subcutaneous carpet.

The following condition – The surface of the roof slope should be perfectly planned. Roofing tiles belongs to materials that reveal the most insignificant irregularities. As a continuous crate, it is recommended, dry, not prone to warfare, with a preservative, boards of the same thickness, moisture -resistant facing panels, multi -layer plywood or other materials similar in working properties.

Roof pie arrangement tips

Despite moisture resistance, bitumen roofs do not tolerate the joint effect of moisture and temperature differences. Effective internal thermal insulation will help get rid of water condensate, which minimizes condensation formation, stabilizes a more comfortable microclimate in the attics and significantly reduces the level of external noise.

Roof device

Even hydrophobized minerals – or fiberglass insulation it is advisable to equip a waterproofing membrane cover. In this embodiment, its heat -preserving properties will remain stable throughout the entire long service life of the roof.

If possible free choice from the use of cheaper fiberglass insulation, it is advisable to refuse. This material is subject to significant shrinkage, which can lead to the formation of cold bridges. This process is accelerated by the presence of high and low -frequency vibration, characteristic of houses located in the city line.

Unique in some properties, cheap and simple in installation, polystyrene panels foam – Also not the best option. Problem – in its almost zero vapor permeability, excluding the removal of water vapor into the atmosphere through the structure of the material.

It is advisable to use a diffusion or even superdiffusion membrane as a waterproofing barrier. Such a coating is impenetrable for water, but in full provides complete and timely removal from the water vapor system. The use of foil insulation is not excluded: an aluminum heat -reflective coating will save money on the arrangement of waterproofing, but such heaters require qualified installation.

Any panel or siding material can be used for decorative protective cladding. Experts recommend drywall. This coating has good insulating properties, in addition, automatically supports in isolated volume, comfortable humidity.

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