Stretch ceiling design

Stretch ceiling design

Stretch fabric ceilings today are perfect in installation for any room. But in order to emphasize this or that style, the use of design solutions of ceiling zones, taking into account individual preference, is attributed to the mandatory moment.

Of course, there is no universal rule in design, since each person’s taste and desire is different, but still there is a certain criterion that is guided in choosing any stretch ceiling and Russia in these cases is not excluded.

Matte species in the design of ceiling zones allow you to successfully use any insignificant defect in the surfaces. Due to these points, matte surfaces have gained significant fame and are currently used in the arrangement of a private cottage and in decorating a public premises.

The glossy ceiling is perfect in finishing work for the room, where visuality in expanding space with the establishment of a bright pompous atmosphere will be required. The dark shade will be in viewing the mirror effect. But frequently a matte stretch ceiling is mounted in the office, hotel, store and restaurant.

For a dwelling, the design of ceilings with a suede canvas is included in an affordable option. It is set in comfort and coziness in the atmosphere in the living room, bedroom, office. In addition, the ceiling under the marble view will look quite beautiful in the room, which have a large area. Such premises include a cinema, a sports hall and other places. An unconditional and distinctive moment is suitable for a private elite structure, in significant quadrators.

The canvas for the skin or metal in the design of ceiling zones in residential spaces is not used. Such scenery is suitable for a stylish and chic entertainment institution. For example, a night club, a restaurant, a gaming room, etc.P.

When buying a stretch ceiling, such samples can be a variety of configurations: even, conical, wave -like. They can even mount a halogen lamp and incandescent lamp on them. Do not forget that the lighting device should be mounted on a special rack.

Recently, the system of star skyscrapers has become especially popular. Such a canvas is acceptable for the bar, restaurant, night club. Some rooms use a luminous stretch ceiling. In these options, the lamp can be dispersed under the films.

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