Stretch ceiling structures: unique design

Stretch ceiling structures: unique design

Just imagine the number of interior design ideas that were invented in the history of mankind. Such a huge number will not even be able to meet in my head. This is not sacred, because we are all individual and see the world differently. Each of us has our own vision of how the interior design of our own apartment or house will look like. And with the advent of stretch ceiling structures, these possibilities have increased many times. This amount of various textures and color solutions is not able to offer any well -known decorative decoration of the main ceiling surface (read more on the page).

Stretch ceilings: aesthetic capabilities

As mentioned earlier, the invention of suspended ceilings opened a new era in the design of residential and public premises. With the help of stretch ceilings, ambitious designers can forget about experienced framework. Let’s figure out in more detail how exactly the stretch ceilings are so interesting in the design issue and why they have become the number one ceiling trim in Russia and other CIS countries.

The first thing I would like to stop at – This is on the versatility of the assortment of this type of ceiling decoration. The catalogs of honored manufacturing companies have concentrated many different textures and simply uncountable number of color solutions.

A variety of stretch ceilings

Matte. One of the most affordable stretch products, the cost of paintings from the PVC matte film starts from 250 rubles per square meter. The versatility of the matte texture is simply amazing, as it fits perfectly, it would seem, different interior designs have been committed. For example, matte stretch ceilings look equally appropriate both in minimalism and in an elaborate palace style.

Satin. In terms of accessibility, they do not differ from matte (also from 250 rubles per 1 m2), but have completely different aesthetic qualities. Outwardly resemble a fabric, the surface of which gently disperses the light falling on it, while creating an indescribable game of glare. Especially this texture is suitable for bedrooms, children’s rooms and other rooms in which the atmosphere of comfort and heat should prevail.

Glossy. The cost of varnish stretch ceiling structures is not too different from the above textures and begins from a mark of 270 rubles per 1 m2. The visual capabilities of the glossy PVC film are not limited only to the reflection of objects – it can affect the spatial perception of the area of ​​the room. Suppose if you have a small bedroom or disproportionate corridor, installing glossy stretch ceilings will save you from these problems. Feel the room «It will be replenished» for a couple of extra squares, and the corridor will seem correct shape. Another feature of gloss is the largest number of diverse shades. In the catalogs of successful organizations, there are about 200 different shades of varnish texture.

Translucent. This texture is designed for the design of a wide variety of lighting systems of any difficulty level. Its name already speaks for itself, it can skip about 50 % of the falling light. Installation of lamps occurs even before the installation of the film itself, since they are placed between the main ceiling surface and the stretch sheet.

Suede. Stretch ceilings from suede polyvinyl chloride film are considered exclusive and elite coatings. The cost of suede PVC begins with 900 rubles per square of the area, which does not speak at all about their universal availability. But if the price factor is not key to you and your interior design is full of heavy carved furniture, carpet and expensive finishes, then by installing a suede product, you will give it even more chic and exclusivity.

Multilevel system of stretch ceilings. It is because of this system that the stretch fabrics are able to accept completely any shape or image. Arches, arches, dunes, dome – All this and much more can appear on your ceiling in a few hours. The use of various textures in one product opens the possibility of visual zoning of the room.

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