The best option for sewage of a country house

The best option for sewage of a country house

Often, residents of country houses do not have the opportunity to connect an individual sewage system to general engineering networks (village). Resetting of drains without cleaning into a reservoir and on the terrain is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, violations are punishable by administrative penalties (fines).There are only 2 legal ways to get rid of drains, consider their advantages and disadvantages:

The use of drain drives.

Large volume of daily drainage (over 1 cubic meter. m.); the presence of a sufficient distance (at least 30 m) from the height to the source of drinking water supply; the level of groundwater in the area is less than 2 m.

The accumulative container from which drainage and their transportation of the Aquiller machine to industrial treatment facilities located nearby should be regularly carried out as a wastewater receiver. The drive can be a cesspool or a hermetic reservoir made of special material (for example, fiberglass).

The advantages are cheapness and ease of installation.

Disadvantages – permanent and significant maintenance costs, dependence on utilities, the need to arrange access roads for assenced equipment. The cesspools have another significant drawback – an unpleasant specific smell. It should be noted that according to the rules of Rospotrebnadzor (SES), the following restrictions are imposed on the construction of cesspools:

These rules do not apply to a sealed tank farmer.

Construction of local treatment facilities (los) stocks.

The simplest, but the most imperfect treatment of treatment can be called a two -chamber septic tank. This device, unlike industrial water treatment systems, is capable of only mechanical wastewater treatment, therefore, the degree of cleaning will be small. Clarified (delivered from heavy fractions) water will not correspond to the permissible for discharge to the regulatory indicators. Therefore, it will take water treatment in filtration fields and other drainage systems.

For their arrangement, it is necessary to distinguish additional areas that meet certain requirements for the level of groundwater, and soil throughput. These studies, necessary to prevent pollution and soil of soil and aquifer, will conduct organizations specializing in this industry, and at the expense of the customer.

The disadvantages of the septic tank carrying out only mechanical cleaning include a large volume of the resulting sediment, which must be removed in a timely manner.

The more efficient and compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation occurs in multi -chamber septic tanks, additionally equipped with bioreactors or biological cleaning systems. The composition of such moos usually includes: Aerota, which provides oxygen access to a septic tank, which makes the fermentation process more effective; Active silt, consisting of microorganisms, processing the main pollutants of house-fecal and household drains.

High purification indicators make it possible not only to discharge the purified drains to the terrain and in the reservoir, but also their further use (for watering and other. needs). The advantage of the septic tank with biological cleaning is the small volume of the resulting sediment. The frequency of its cleaning is determined based on the power and other parameters of the moos.

The main disadvantage of such septic stations is energy dependence, its indicators depend on the model of treatment facilities. It is possible to build a system of sewage system with mechanical and biological cleaning on its own. But, septic tanks made in the factory have a number of advantages: they are more corrosion-resistant, t. to. made from modern materials; their additional thermal insulation was carried out (to prevent the death of microorganisms in the cold season); The amount of active silt used depending on the volume of effluents and t. D.

Turning to the professional company for the manufacture of LOS, the owner of a country house will be able to get all the necessary recommendations for the selection of a septic tank, which is affected by such indicators as: performance, ease of service, frequency of sedimentation, the possibility of reducing energy consumption, service life and a guarantee of cleaning efficiency.

The correct selection and arrangement of an individual sewage system will allow you to forget for a long time about problems such as: the need to control water consumption and sanitation, an unpleasant odor, dependence on utilities and maintenance costs, nitpicking from environmental protection bodies.

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