The choice of corrugated board and its operation

The choice of corrugated board and its operation

Any modern roof is not just a coating that protects the building from rain, but a high -tech material that has certain chemical and physical properties. In addition to its direct purpose of precipitation, thermal insulation, waterproofing of the roof from moisture penetration, which can lead to destruction of the structure, ventilation, to exclude the condensate of the detrimental to materials, giving an external attractive appearance that gives the building a complete image, is also included in the tasks of roofing.

That is why when choosing a material for the roof, it is necessary to carefully study the existing options and choose the optimal. The right choice will prevent a headache caused by an imminent repair of a brand new roof, as well as its inevitable leak and subsequent repair of the internal interior. Many construction companies advise using profiled galvanized sheets for roofing.

Professor is a roofing building material. At the factory, the manufacture of a profiled sheet takes place on special lines. For this, thin -leaf rolled steel with different coating is used: galvanized or polymer.

Corrugated board with a polymer coating is characterized by its price and physical properties. So the steel sheet with a purple coating tolerates mechanical exposure and temperature changes well, and polyester coating has increased ultraviolet tolerance. The thickness of the sheets, as a rule, is small, which makes the material light enough, and thanks to galvanizing it is practically not corroded.

It is best to purchase a professionalist at the manufacturer. In this case, you can be sure of the quality of the material and observing the technological process in its manufacture. The enterprise is carried out quality control, and guarantees are provided. True, an ordinary buyer is unlikely to be able to purchase corrugated board at the factory. As a rule, manufacturers release wholesale parties of goods to large organizations and differ in a low price.

An ordinary buyer can purchase corrugated board on a wholesale base or in a large construction company, where the price is higher than the factory, but is noticeably lower than the retail. In general, buying corrugated board is not difficult. Almost all modern construction stores sell profile sheets.

Like any material, corrugated board also needs a certain maintenance. To prevent the overhaul of the roof, it is necessary from time to time to examine the state of the roof and timely eliminate the defects that appeared. Garbage should be removed, which inevitably remains on the roof, for example, branches and foliage. It is necessary to clean the drains, cleaning snow and ice, as well as monitor the tightness of the design of the roof.

If in some places there was a deformation of the sheet, as a result of which it does not fit to the crate, then it is necessary to fix it immediately. Moisture falling into such places can lead to the destruction of insulation, sealing material and wooden roof elements. Especially needs a thorough examination (corrugated board with a polymer coating). If in some of its areas he needs painting, then it is necessary to quickly fix it. Proper installation and care of the corrugated board is the key to the durable and reliable service of the material.

In order to buy corrugated board, you need to understand for what purpose it will be used. If it serves to take a small fence, then you can take a sheet of small thickness with a small height of the wave. To cover the roof, it is necessary to take corrugated stiffeners, since it will have to withstand the loads exerted on it with snow, hail or human weight. Here you need to decide on the brand of profiled sheet: CH15, C20, C21, NS35, C44, H60 and many other models.

Each of them is characterized by its stiffness, area of ​​application (fence, wall, roof) and price. For roofing, h35 is most suitable. Such a professionalist has a rather high strength and affordable price. If the loads are high, it will be better to take the H60 model with an additional stiffeners. If there is a significant distance during installation between the mounts of the sheets, then the H75 model should be taken, the properties of which are specially designed for these purposes.

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