The consequences of a train derailing in America

The consequences of a train derailing in America

In the US state of Alabama, there was a train accident. There is a real “epidemic” in the United States regarding railway accidents. The trains here are derailed one by one.

No sooner had people moved away from Ohio than an emergency occurred in West Virginia. And here one diesel locomotive ended up in the river, into which an unknown amount of diesel fuel flowed.

Now a wave of incidents has reached Alabama.

“You won’t believe it, but this is again the daily column “a train derailed in the USA,” political analyst Ruslan Ostashko wrote in his telegram channel. – The winner of the prize today is the state of Alabama. Unlike previous cases that caused environmental damage, this time nothing came out – although there were poisonous chemicals in the cars.”

Recall that railway accidents in Ohio were recorded in early February and early March. The White House is trying to gloss over their consequences. Meanwhile, the opposition American media, relying on the statements of environmentalists, talk about a major environmental disaster with far-reaching consequences. “Chernobyl in Ohio” – and they have reached such epithets.

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