The correct stand is your key to success at the exhibition

The correct stand is your key to success at the exhibition

Exhibition companies around the world organize wonderful exhibitions that are devoted to different goals, objectives and topics. Many representatives of organizations who want to present their goods to colleagues and the public can literally live on suitcases, traveling from the exhibition to the exhibition, from the country to the country. Exhibition activities are one of the most effective ways to position yourself and your product in the market, whether it be a small mop or huge special equipment.

The trouble is that you are not the only representative of the market in the market, whatever niche you occupy. The exhibition halls are full of your competitors and everyone is fighting for attention (and wallets) of demanding customers. And here nothing will help you better than your stand. How to stand out? Unfortunately, there is no simple way. But there are many tools. You can buy Roll AP in Moscow or order another exhibition product from Intime Print, but also study our tips that will increase interest in your stand.

one. The teaching in the exhibition in itself already attracts attention to your company, but in order to stand out at the exhibition, you need to take care of well -chosen representatives first. A manager buried in the tablet, who only raises his eyes to the hall for the entire exhibition day, this is an empty waste of your centers spent on participation. Your managers should attract attention and communicate. Lure with freebies, tongue twisters, dazzling technologies.

2. But a good manager is only a quarter of a solution. To stand out among other business sharks, you need to make the audience look at your stand. This will become a key factor for emphasizing you in the crowd.

The reason why most stands have only a mediocre level of specials in the fact that the whole structure is concentrated only on the bombing of the visitor with information. While you should think about the logistics of the situation.

Your visitor will spend on average on your stand from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, before leaving further wandering around the exhibition. Your task is to give him a reason to stay with you for three minutes. The maximum task is to create a stand so intriguing that each visitor to the exhibition will reach for him.

A boring banner will repel visitors. Banner-collage photos of your objects and products will also push. A banner with a simple name of your company will push. A banner with the image of your boss will push. A banner with kittens will not repel, but this is not your topic. Be innovative – make an interesting display, spend a certain time creating an original idea within your business.

Using technology, and even more so interactive technologies (posterspb. ) welcomed. Visitors do not just want to stand and look at the cardboard images of your products while you run with leaflets, drink coffee or tell how wonderful you updated your site this year. They want to participate, so give them something that they can do and that they can touch and try. Visualization is not enough.

Avoid knocking dance music or too bright lighting. These two factors also easily send customers to the arms of your competitors.

Combine the latest technologies and social media on your stand. Make a scoreboard with living tweets (give people hashtag). Make it possible not only to use your equipment, but add to this request to take a picture and send a photo on Instagram with a hashtag. Let all these photos indicated with the hashtag spin on the scoreboard at your stand (interactive technologies) – people like to see their name with lights. In general, use all the possibilities that the age of smartphones opens up to us.

Regardless of the sector in which your business is located, the exhibition should generate warm relations with colleagues from other companies, strengthen the market position in the market, help the positioning of the product. Your stand -up concepts should be focused on strategies to achieve all this. Your disposal has many tools, including the most popular interactive and computer technologies today.

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