The European Commission suits the UK due to contaminated air

The European Commission suits the UK due to contaminated air

Last week, the European Commission began a lawsuit against the UK, which could not reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxide to the limit indicated by the European Union. A number of other countries can also meet with the problem of trial.

Nitrogen oxide (NO2) is mainly collected due to diesel engines. Was able to cause asthma and other problems of the respiratory tract and lungs. Air pollution, according to experts, causes 4200 premature deaths in London alone annually. Such data are reported by Jenny John, member of the Party of Green London Assembly. The main roads in the areas of Chelsea and London City exceed the maximum permissible level.

Many other countries violate the limits of pollution, according to the European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. The European Commission will be sent to the investigation. It is reported that they opened pilot missions in France, Denmark, Sweden, Romania and the Netherlands.

British lawsuit is the first in a series of lawsuits. EU members were supposed to achieve the tasks in 2010. Those who could not cope have given an additional 5 years to correct errors, but the UK is still far from the goal. This is the only state in the Commonwealth that will not be able to reduce the marginal values ​​until 2025 in London and until 2020 in other 15 zones of the country. London is the largest NO2 release center and the worst place in these indicators among all countries.

The British Department for Environmental issues is currently considering measures that can be taken. They have two months to answer ek. The representative of the organization says that they intend to cooperate with the EC in this matter.

The European Commission believes that the best policy in this matter is to reduce traffic and stimulation of citizens to use more alternative means of public movement, for example, bicycles and cars with anti-stroke filters.

Representatives say that the UK is already financing such measures, including 900 million pounds for strengthening cars with an ultranial or zero level of emissions, 2 billion pounds were allocated for electrification of the railway network and 107 million pounds to encourage the use of bicycle vehicles.

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