The guide for the choice of cheap showers and corners

The guide for the choice of cheap showers and corners

The bath is very important for the home. This is a place where you can relax, recharge energies and "behold" time. The bath also has the therapeutic effect on the body (and even the sound of water can have such an effect). But not everyone needs a bath – some need a shower, which, incidentally, can also be useful for human beauty and health, like a bath. But how the rules to choose showers or collect your own shower corner?

one. Focus on your budget.

There are many options for showers and corners on the market. You can also calculate the price of the construction of your own shower (this is not difficult, but requires certain knowledge).

Remember that quality may suffer if you reached for the cheapest product in the market, and these are usually showers from China. There are even forums where people discuss what and how often in cheap cabins breaks. This, of course, is not statistics, but still, carefully treat the fact that they sell plumbing sites. If your budget is limited, it is better to take a simple shower corner of a reliable manufacturer than to buy a multifunctional shower from the manufacturer with a bad reputation. In the end, there are ways to assemble the shower on your own, having bought separately pallets and doors separately.

2. Focus on space.

Despite the fact that you are first aimed at a choice on the basis of the budget and style, make sure that you choose among the models that will fit into your bathroom. Walking on plumbing sites just forget that you need a product for your premises, and not for hypothetical space. The most common choice errors are due to the fact that people have forgotten about the height of their ceilings (for example, if they did not think that they have a footboard on the floor and a suspended ceiling from above). People also often confuse the door opening direction and order non -suitable corner cabins. Better check several times and ask the seller by phone or through the form of communication before buying.

Do not forget that there are doors that open with opening, and other doors of showers are parted or added up with an accordion. If the place in the bathroom is limited, choose sliding doors or accordion.

3. Types of showers.

There are large showers that you just need to bring and install in a given place as if it were a bathroom or a toilet. And there are prefabricated showers, for example, shower tray + doors to it. All this will need to be collected. And the third option is when you build the floor in one of the parts of the room so as to use it as a shackle pan pallet (there are substrates and a small slope), and then either buy a shower doors, or hang the curtain, making it manually built by hand. climb.

If you buy a whole shower, then a square option is the most popular option. To a large extent because square cabins are easiest to put in any bathroom and the easiest way to use. Square shower booths or corners are considered the most ergonomic. Corner showers save space, but their benefits will vary depending on how the bathroom looks like.

four. Showers.

When it comes to a finished shower, it is important to choose the right tray (really very important!). We said above that Chinese showers often break and now we are completing that in many of these cabins it is most often that pallets break. The pallet can be not only fragile, but also dangerous. So if older people or people with limited mobility live in the house, then you should choose especially good models with an anti -slip coating. Deep trays are suitable for those who like to warm their feet in the shower and spends a lot of time there, splashing.

5. Cabin case.

When choosing a case, pay attention to the thickness of the glass (and check if it is really hardened). Glass strength will avoid unpleasant incidents. All other features are your personal choice.

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