The insulation of the facades – all the benefits!

The insulation of the facades – all the benefits!

In the 50s of the last century in Germany, for the first time they began to use the technology of facade insulation using polystyrene or mineral wool foam. Later it turned out that this gorgeous invention helps not only give the house heat, but also provide additional protection of the structure of the structure, up to the increase in the service life of the building.

Thermal insulation of the facade is needed not only for the sake of heat, but also for the sake of cool. Yes Yes! In winter, the insulation holds warm air in the room, and in the summer it does not allow the walls to heat up under the influence of the sun. That is, thermal insulation is the best way to create the desired climate in the house.

Do not forget that some types of thermal insulation give another wonderful effect for the owners of the house, namely sound insulation. Comfortable acoustic indicators also play a large role for the harmony of living.

Some types of thermal insulation of the facade can also help protect your structure from dampness, fungus and mold. All these vile manifestations can be a serious test for homeowners, and facade insulation can play the role of a defender, which will prevent moisture on the construction of the house and thereby save from ailments of dampness, mold and fungi. Dry walls – high -quality house.

Facade insulation protects important parts of your house from contact with the environment, and more specifically from wind, frosts, rains, dust and so on. Even from anthropogenic chemical compounds, thermal insulation of the facade can save.

Thermal insulation of the facade significantly saves heating costs. The fact is that heat tends to quickly leave the house, moreover, the colder the street, the faster the temperature from the house wants to break free. Thus, the more you drown inside the house, the more warmly it leaves and you instead of creating climate comfort, you will consume energy resources in vain. However, if you install the system of thermal insulation of the facade, then the heat will not be able to largely be torn out like that, and you can use less heating systems.  The same goes for the cooling of the room. When thermal insulation in the summer protects the heating of the house with the sun, the house remains more cool, which means that your air conditioner will work almost 50% less. And consume a lot of electricity!

The Portal Project Roads wishes you the most comfortable microclimate in your home! In winter – heat, in summer – cool!

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