Tiles as an interior decoration

Tiles as an interior decoration

Tiles are the most ancient material for the manufacture of floors in the history of human civilization. The floors of the dwellings of the pharaohs of Egypt were covered with stone tiles, and in suburban villas and palaces of wealthy Romans, ceramic tiles were used along with marble. Initially, mosaic floors were made of sea pebbles. After the technology of glass coloring was invented, its small pieces began to be used in the mosaic. Using mosaic technology, it was already possible to “draw” on the floor rather complex and multi -colored paintings.

Tiles that are used in modern interiors are made of granite, marble or other stone breeds. The most common is ceramic tiles. Also, manufacturers offer new types of this material made of traffic jam or laminate. Basically, the tiles are used for the manufacture of floors in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen.

Ceramic tiles used in residential interiors of modern houses are durable, moisture, wear -resistant and environmentally friendly decor element. Its importance and independence cannot be called into question. Designers around the world claim that the tile sets the tone of the color scheme for the entire interior, so the furniture in the room should be selected only after you decide on the color of the tile.

When choosing tiles, first of all, you should carefully inspect its back side. The surface of high -quality tiles should not have hollows, bulges, cracks or bubbles. The main indicators of the application of high -quality ceramic composition in the production of this material is an even color and the absence of divorces. The front surface of the tile on which the drawing is applied should also be even, of course, if its irregularities are not dictated by the design. If the drawing is applied to it qualitatively, then it is almost impossible to notice the raster on it, while the drawing of low -grade tiles usually consists of large points, which are visible even with the naked eye.

The type of drawing also affects the price of tiles. Tiles with a stamped, clicked pattern, which is repeated on each product, belongs to the usual typical class. Another thing is Artistic tile, which is made using complex technology, sometimes using manual painting. It is clear that the quality of typical drawings from well -known companies does not decrease at all. After all, today the quality of stamped drawings of some enterprises has reached a fairly high level, and it is very difficult to distinguish them from exclusive products at first glance. However, at the same time, handmade is always individual, so upon careful consideration you can even see smears with a brush and small inks of paint. Naturally, handmade is much more expensive.

The coefficients of abrasion and frost resistance to home tiles are not very important. However, it should be remembered that low -quality tiles can be poorly calibrated, have different shades even in one package. The thickness of this material may vary, since each company has its own manufacturing technology. Therefore, facing tiles from different enterprises, having the same strength coefficient, can be of different thicknesses. Its standard dimensions are also not indicated anywhere. Floor tiles are usually thicker than wall, but eminent designers are very fond of moving away from generally accepted standards.

It should be remembered that the tiles in the rooms where moisture accumulates should not be slippery. It is especially important to adhere to this rule for saunas, bathrooms and steps. Therefore, for such places it is necessary to purchase plates with an anti -slip coating applied using a laser or special grinding machines. Ceramic tiles are perfect for joint use with heated floors, as it quickly warms up and slowly cools down.

The lower thickness of wall tiles allows you to successfully use it on vertical planes. By its color characteristics, it can be homogeneous, tinted or have a pattern, which sometimes consists of several of its elements.

As mentioned above, tiles are extremely durable material, but this good quality can turn against you. So, when buying this product with a fashionable pattern, it must be understood that the fashion passes quickly, and the tile remains and sometimes is even an annoying factor.

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