Types and advantages of automatic watering

Types and advantages of automatic watering

Many owners of summer cottages are not able to devote a sufficient amount of time to care for their green spaces. This is natural, most of us get out of the city only after the working week. In such a situation, an excellent option looks like auto -polyoves in the country, which allows you to preserve plants in fresh and healthy form. If desired, you can set a clear and regular irrigation schedule, and the system will provide water supply in proper quantities and in good time.

Popularly popular with amateur gardeners is the Auto Polyvs of the Lawn. For these purposes, rotary type sprayers are used. But both trees and shrubs do not pass on attention. For the latest suitable technology, drip irrigation is. A similar method of watering involves the supply of water under low pressure. Moreover, the water is directed directly to the basic zone of the plant, thereby excluding the probability of soil erosion and damage to the landscape.

Drip irrigation has the following advantages:

Supports plants in a healthy and flowering form (water supply is carried out precisely to plants, in the case of rare plantings, water consumption in open spaces between plants is minimized)

Saving water

Reducing water losses (as mentioned above, the probability of leaching and erosion of the soil is almost absent, and the absence of losses in the zones between plantings reduces natural evaporation of water)

Slow down the growth of weeds

Numerous options for designing the system, as well as ease of assembly and installation

For trees, root irrigation can be considered an ideal option. Even in the case of the presence of dense soil and thick grass, this technology can supply the root system of plants with water and nutrients, so they need. From an aesthetic point of view, root irrigation, of course, also has advantages. Firstly, the system itself is located underground and has no effect on the perception of the landscape. Secondly, the fact of supplying water directly to the root system prevents the root of the roots to the surface-after all, they have already received all the necessary moisture and air.

Root irrigation involves the use of a dummy – a nozzle intended just for watering trees. The sprinkler with such a nozzle is installed just in the root system of the tree, and it is due to this that the water enters where it follows, and the excessive consumption is minimized.

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