Types of decoration of apartments in new buildings.

Types of decoration of apartments in new buildings.

In new buildings, many apartments of various configurations are now sold, however, this variety often prevents you from choosing the right housing you need. It is worth remembering that the repair of apartments and cottages varies significantly as well as options for decoration of apartments.

All apartments in new buildings differ in types of their finishes on:

Apartment without finishing. Usually these are apartments in new buildings where only windows are installed, as well as the construction front door. In apartments of this type you will not find communication, which include wiring, outlets, switches, as well as plumbing. When purchasing such an apartment, you yourself will have to put the walls yourself, align the floor and ceiling overlap. Also, he yourself will have to glaze a loggia or balcony. In any case, when buying an apartment without finishing, you must be prepared for the fact that you purchase an empty concrete box.

Black finish. This type of decoration of the room is characterized by the previously conducted wiring installed by radiators, plastered walls. You will have to install sockets and switches, the entire plumbing system, because in the water supply and water supply pipes in the apartment, ordinary plugs, as well as interior partitions and doors, will stand in the apartment.

Finishing. The acquisition of an apartment with a finishing type is most optimal, due to the fact that all preparatory work on leveling the floor, walls, ceilings, as well as partitions, heating radiators, and electrical wiring were performed inside the premises. As an additional option with such a decoration can be window and door slopes, as well as interior doors. You just have to lay the flooring, stick wallpaper, and also ennoble the bathroom.

Partial finish. Such a decoration of apartments in Moscow involves the presence of a finished finish in the apartment, coupled with the full or partial decoration of some room, bathroom or kitchen. Typically, apartments with partial decoration are put up for sale when a person bought an apartment, began to equip it, and then decided to sell it.

Turnkey finish. It provides for such a decoration apartment in which no improvement is required, that is, it is already suitable for housing. The entire plumbing and electric system is mandatory in it, all interior doors are installed, as well as the flooring in all rooms and wallpaper are laid in all rooms.

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