Types of industrial ventilation systems

Types of industrial ventilation systems

To ensure the normal functioning of a production enterprise, it is necessary to ensure constant and high -quality air exchange within the workshops. For these purposes, industrial ventilation is provided for the production, the main function of which is to remove the exhaust air with its simultaneous replacement for the purified. The purpose of this system is to create comfortable and safe working conditions. Depending on the purpose and principle of the organization of air exchange, industrial ventilation can be: natural, mechanical or forced, exhaust, supply, supply-exhaust, local and general exchange.

The natural air exchange has a fairly simple functioning device and is considered one of the most budget systems. Air movement in this case occurs through special structural openings of buildings and structures. For artificial ventilation, the installation of special mechanical units or fans and a specialized air duct system is required.

Artificial ventilation can be classified into: supply, exhaust and supply and exhaust. If we are talking about the first version, then in this case the removal of the spent air and the supply of fresh is a natural consequence of the pressure difference. The artificial version is most often used in production. The exhaust variety provides for the release of the spent air and the flow of fresh air into the production facilities due to the discharge created at the same time. The most effective and at the same time most costly industrial ventilation system is the supply and exhaust.

According to the territorial coverage of the premises, local and general production ventilation is distinguished. The local system is designed to maintain a zone allocated from the total area, that is, an influx or air removal is carried out in specific places. The general -common version affects the whole room or most of it. Special requirements are imposed on the installation of local exhaust ventilation: its functioning must be organized so that harmful and toxic emissions do not be in places of long -term location of the working personnel. The calculation made for ventilation production systems should take into account all the nuances so that its functioning is effective, high -quality and safe and does not make it possible to spread harmful substances throughout the workshop.

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