Types of suspended ceilings

Types of suspended ceilings

With the advent of suspended ceilings, most customers preferred the installation of precisely these designs. This is due to the high techniquity of the process of installing stretch structures, their quality, reliability and wide selection of textures and decorative capabilities.

The company has been working on the stretch ceilings market for more than 10 years, during which time it has established cooperation with reliable manufacturers of materials that make certified products. Therefore, products from the company have established themselves as high -quality and durable.

The stretch ceilings that the factory make are distinguished by the type of material from which they are produced – these are fabric canvases and canvases of their polyvinyl chloride film. Tissue stretch ceilings consist of synthetic fabric, which in the production process is impregnated with a polyurethane solution. This allows them to be strong and maintain aesthetic properties for many years. Fabric stretch fabrics are originally produced in several colors-light blue, lightweight and white. However, such ceilings are subject to repeated painting.

Stretch ceilings of PVC films have high elasticity, they are strong and reliable. The color scheme and the number of textures of such paintings are much wider than that of fabric analogues.

Film PVC textures:

Matte. Such ceilings resemble a exactly painted surface. They look neat and modest, without unnecessary decor elements

Translucent film. The stretch structure of such material creates the illusion of “windows on the ceiling”. Lighting elements in the case of installation of such a design are located between the stretch sheet and the loading surface. A translucent film passes more than 50% of the light, which makes the entire ceiling luminous, like matte glass.

Glossy. The stretch ceiling from the glossy film looks pretty spectacular. They, due to their reflective ability, can visually increase the room, so such ceilings are recommended to be installed in small rooms.

The texture of “metallic”. Its granular surface plays in the light with different glare. With different lighting intensity in the room, such a ceiling looks different interestingly.

Satin texture is an economical option, which at the same time creates a unique atmosphere of comfort in the room. The texture resembles the fabric, it gently disperses the light in the room. Such a ceiling is often installed in children’s rooms and bedrooms – it acts soothingly and creates coziness in the room.

PVC suede film – an elite type of ceiling decoration. It is not appropriate not everywhere, such a stretch ceiling is installed in rooms where it is necessary to emphasize the solidity and solvency of its owner, for example, in offices, conference rooms, billiard clubs.

In addition, ASTO M company offers types of services such as art-toe on a stretch canvas, create complex multi-level structures, organization of lighting ceilings, creating a thermal insulation system, acoustics, ceiling heating, as well as ventilation.

The design of stretch ceilings is such that with its help you can create ventilation systems. In this case, a magnificent aesthetic appearance of the product will be preserved. Due to the high elasticity of the material of the tension canvases, they can acquire absolutely any desired shape, while hiding all the unaesthetic details, such as the wiring and communication systems installed on the bearing ceiling. When installing suspended ceilings, the ventilation system can be installed anywhere and provide air exchange in the room.

Ventilation shafts that are located on the ceiling and are not subject to removal as an important technical element, but they spoil the interior with their unaesthetic appearance, can also be hidden by installing a multi -level ceiling tension structure – a multi -level ceiling. Creating a dome, columns, arches or other figures on the ceiling surface will ensure that the ventilation shaft is hidden behind an interesting interior decor element.

Everything is very simple – using the installation of a perforated stretch ceiling. Ventilation outputs that are located above the stretch structure supply air over the entire surface of the perforated stretch fabric, and from there to the room.

It should be noted that the quality and functionality of the stretch fabric directly depends on the quality of the materials from which it was made. Therefore, having decided to install a stretch ceiling, you should see the reliability of its manufacturer. To do this, demand the original product quality certificates.

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