Unique Garden: From Dream to Reality

Unique Garden: From Dream to Reality

It often happens that the style of the design style is chosen, and the plan is drawn up, and all preliminary work has been carried out. But to realize the full in life in life for various reasons does not work.

In this case, the solution may be such an approach: to create in practice only the main elements, the main features. After all, the main distinguishing feature of each garden is its individuality, dissimilarity to others. With the implementation of planned ideas, you can use several proven methods.

Creation of circular motives. Classic technique. Great for rectangular areas, although with the right approach it can be used on other forms. Here is the main thought -out approach to the transitions of figures.

Diagonal motifs in the design of the garden visually increase the size of the site, give a spacious look.

Another classic technique is rectangular motifs. This is the most common and most win -win option.

There are still such approaches as symmetrical and free layout. The first type of design is most often used by strict lovers: clear lines, correct, symmetrical forms. The opposite of him is a free layout. In this case, the approach directly takes into account all the features of the landscape and existing buildings, landings.

Small architectural forms. Small architectural forms are part of the style of the site, at home, its holistic image. The presence and correct, competent arrangement of individual elements, such as pergola, arbors, tents, benches, creates an atmosphere of comfort and comfort.

In addition to beauty, small architectural forms are quite functional. For example, pergoles, arches are used as the basis for vertical landscaping, for growing curly fruit plants (grapes, kolomict actinidia). It is impossible to come up with anything better for dividing the site into various zones: garden, playground, barbecue zone.

Widely used for decoration and containers with flowers planted in them and decorative or even fruit plants. Such containers are easy to rearrange, while changing the appearance of the site.

For some time now, garden sculptures have been very popular. Here is a real paradise for designer thought: with the help of such techniques they create sculptures of animals, birds, various towers or even fairy -tale heroes.

The placement of such elements on the site is important. For example, benches and arbors are appropriate to put in the quietest corners of the garden, and through a stream or pond lay the bridge.

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