Using voice tags for musical compositions: rules and advantages

Using voice tags for musical compositions: rules and advantages

Music copyrights are a source of profit. Any broadcast of a composition is paid for, so it may be necessary to state your claims. To do this, producer tags, or voice tags as they are also called, are used. These short inserts can be ordered on by defining a number of parameters.

Features of the service

On the Voice Tag Lab website you can order any tag to insert it into a work and stake your claim to copyright. These options allow you to get an individual voice tag and use it for commercial needs.
Among the main characteristics of such records it is worth highlighting:

  1. Possibility of dubbing with a male, female, child’s voice, or creating anime-style sounds.
  2. Order several tags.
  3. The right to commercial use belongs only to the customer; the company does not claim to assign the tag to itself. Payment is made once, after which the voice can be used at your discretion.
  4. The client receives a WAV file to the specified email within four days. The tag is recorded at least three times and sent in processed and unprocessed form.
  5. If necessary, editing can be done, which includes changes in effects, voices, and pronunciation speed.
  6. You cannot change the type of speaker or the phrase itself.
  7. The company can offer its own ideas for a voice tag if the customer finds it difficult to formulate it.


The company guarantees the originality and uniqueness of sound files, complete confidentiality of the work. The name of the customer will not be known to third parties and organizations; the tag will be such that it will immediately serve as evidence of copyright for the composition. This will eliminate disputes and guarantee income from broadcasting a song or music.

Our specialists have extensive experience in creating such files; they are able to quickly take into account all the client’s wishes and offer them a unique sound based on their requests.

Thanks to the ability to pronounce the voice tag in different keys, you can achieve your own original style in dubbing. Among the nature of pronunciation, variants stand out: rude, sexual, deliberately slow or, on the contrary, sharp, abrupt. You can choose the soundtrack to match the nature of the composition, creating harmony or strong contrast.

Tags are not repeated, the already paid option is provided only to the customer, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. The company guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of the files.

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