We insulate the balcony – excavator

We insulate the balcony – excavator

We have long moved away from those times when, as a comedian said, one ski, a broken refrigerator and a bunch of all sorts of other unnecessary things, “lives” on the balcony. Nowadays, the balconies do not resemble a chopped pantry in order to “throw a pity”. Modern designs of this type are quite easily turned into cozy rooms, corners for relaxation and even winter gardens – it all depends only on your tastes, imagination and capabilities. Despite some kind of not quite attractive image of the balcony in the past, buying an apartment today, we still pay attention to its presence.

Experts note that apartments without balconies can cost 5% cheaper, but at the same time the balcony is not given a decisive role in the margin. But if we are talking about the corner apartment, then the presence of a balcony can play a positive role for both the buyer and the seller. If you purchase housing not in the secondary market, but in a new building, or from a builder – for example, Morton, then in most cases, balconies can even be glazed, which significantly saves your costs and time for repair work. Since today construction companies pay great attention to more modern types of houses. Which differ in design, and also differ in non -standard layout options.

At the same time, no one canceled the question of insulation of even a glazed balcony. Traditionally, the XPS polystyrene foam is used for this, and for vapor barrier – foamed foil polyethylene. For an inconsistent balcony, the thickness of the insulation should be at least 30 mm, and vapor barrier – from 3 mm. For a combined balcony – from 50 mm and from 5 mm – respectively. Polystyrol is attached as follows: sheets put the joint in the joint (I also call them “steps”) to turn out the “warm seam”; To fasten the sheets, you will need dowels (1-2 by 1 sheet) and a hole in the wall, which is drilled in the wall through polystyrene. All the seams that are formed must be sealed using mounting foam. After that, we proceed to vapor barrier: sheets of foil polyethylene are glued to polystyrene through double -sided tape. At the same time, do not allow sheets overflows. Also do not forget that thermal insulation should have a homogeneous structure. Therefore, the insulation cannot be put in the area of ​​the lag and racks of the crate.

Fantasize, and turn your balcony into the most unusual and warm place in the apartment.

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