What is a cable channel

What is a cable channel

The electrical box carries not only the purely function of the decor, hiding the wires.

He also protects them from damage and from any unexpected influence from the outside.

In today’s apartments and houses, electric wiring is very often closed. But throughout life, it is periodically brought to lay wires along new routes, if, for example, a new large technique for the house was purchased or a large rearrangement was created. In this option, it is easier to extend to another place open wiring, but so that it does not spoil the appearance of the room, a PVC skirting board with an electrotechnical box or a soft cable channel is used to lay it.

In general, PVC is a material that is used very often in the condition of the apartment. Soft electrical boxes, skirting boards are made from it, which allow to hide communication. But in addition to PVC, other materials are also used for this, for example, metal.

Claims to cable lines:

The wire should be protected from unexplored damage.

There must be protection against the effects of nature: cold, heat, humidity, solar radiation of ultraviolet rays. In the form of such protection, either an electrical box or isolation, which is designed for these influences, usually acts as a rule.

Cable compounds are required in specialized boxes in some way, for example, in electric shields, a perforated box of tray is used.

The cables are presented for non -combustibility and berability.

If styling is carried out on hot surfaces, a high -quality fence from them is obliged to present.

Electrotechnical boxes are required to have a fire safety quality certificate.

Installation of an electrical box can be done with a hidden or open option.

Open version

This method is almost always used at the moment if the walls of the house are woody, or if it is unrealistic to perform recesses in the walls. By the way, on the site // m59 a good selection of cable channels.

The advantages of the wiring in the open way are that it is easier to install, and the deficiency is a lower protective degree from random damage and the deterioration of the external type.

There are several options for execution of wiring in an open way.

Laying in electrical boxes. Perfect for wood buildings or for the reconstruction of the old wiring, if the cap. housing repair is not provided. A soft cable channel made of polyvinyl chloride is attached to the wall. If the wall is brick or concrete, then dowels are used, if plywood or wooden is fixed straight. They put the wire inside and cover it with a lid on the latch. The main one must remember that the wire must occupy no more than 40% of the channel volume, so as not to allow overheating.

Laying in pipes. Soft smooth or corrugated solid polyvinyl chloride pipes are used. When compared with the first way, this option is more affordable, but it also looks worse. Thanks to this, it is used where people rarely happen – in basements, in storage rooms, in other words where the appearance does not play a special role. The meaning of the option is that the wire is tightened into the pipe, after this pipe is fixed to the ceiling or surface of the wall. The most beautiful is to fasten with plastic clips. You can also use metal brackets.

Cable mount or with a string. This option is used if the wire must be stretched through the void. Anchor fix the wire or cable on screws, dowels or bolts, after they are stretched with a special stretch and grounded. After that, the wire is fixed to the cable (wire) using PVC screeds.

Fastening straight walls or ceiling. This laying option is very cheap. Its meaning is that for fastening the wires to the wall of wood, a set of plastic cloves and brackets is used, and special details are used for fasteners in a brick wall or cement mortar. The fasteners are inserted into a hole made by a perforator or drill with a shock mechanism. In the slot, a clamp from PVC is stuck on the fasteners on top, a cable is pulled together. He must be well protected with such a fastening method.

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