What is a vulnerability assessment and how often should it be carried out

What is a vulnerability assessment and how often should it be carried out

A vulnerability assessment is a list of activities aimed at identifying configuration problems and potential vulnerabilities that could lead to a hacker attack on a security system, server or network. These actions are aimed at protecting against both external and internal threats. Cyber Vulnerability Assessment is directly related to obtaining international certificates of compliance. The company provides services to its clients to obtain these documents.

Monitoring “weak links” can fully illuminate the current state of the system and show areas of potential risks from which an attack could occur. The main task of Vulnerability Assessment is to identify all problem areas of the system and then eliminate them so that attackers cannot take advantage of them. Security evaluation is required every six months. This number of sessions is enough to significantly reduce the possibility of hacker attacks.

Cqr.Company specialists recommend that their clients, in order to protect data, use special company services for round-the-clock monitoring that can protect against potential threats.

List of activities included in the vulnerability assessment

To more clearly understand the essence of this procedure, the required steps are given below:

  • conducting a deep scan of the system for weaknesses;
  • identifying vulnerabilities in configuration and parameters;
  • detailed monitoring of technical complications in applications and services (external and internal);
  • identification of vulnerabilities in two modes: automatic and manual with subsequent verification;
  • checking the effectiveness of data encryption security;
  • identification of web vulnerabilities of various types;
  • the risk of “Man in the Middle” (MitM) hacker attacks;
  • search work related to finding new and current vulnerabilities;
  • password verification;
  • writing a detailed report taking into account all identified vulnerabilities, along with tips and recommendations for their elimination.

Conducting a security assessment will help you get a full picture of many issues, such as how your infrastructure will look inside and out, find out what risks exist for your security system and receive a report on the work done with a detailed description of the identified vulnerabilities and attached recommendations for eliminating them.

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