What is landscape design?

What is landscape design?

Landscaping is the art of landscaping and landscaping, which includes three different directions: architecture (construction, design), botany (crop production) and history (philosophy of culture of a country).

The first references to the art of park construction appeared during the reign of Peter 1. It is he who is the founder of landscape art in Russia. Over time, interest in him faded, but in our time popularity and demand has increased significantly. At the same time, a deeper meaning is currently laid down in the concept of design. That is why work on creating landscape design is better to trust professionals who really understand this business, have enough experience in creating design projects and have a good taste.

The main stage of landscape design is design. Only directly the project gives the initial idea of: what will be the site after its improvement? A competent approach to the landscape project allows us to maintain its attractiveness and uniqueness for a long time. The use of landscape design is possible both in city parks and on a regular garden plot.

The elements of landscape design include buildings, trees, ponds, various decorative objects. All these elements are divided into several groups:

one. Buildings – houses, sheds or any other buildings;

2. Lawns – covering the site (can be artificial and natural);

3. Paths – separate zones of the site laid out of pebbles, tiles, pebbles and other materials;

four. Plantations – various trees, shrubs, flowers and their various combinations;

5. Large elements of the decor – ponds, fountains, sculptures, streams and other elements;

6. Small artistic details – lamps, candles, various figures, backlight, musical accompaniment and more.

Any landscape design, regardless of the type or special technique of finishing, is one of the main styles:

• landscape;

• classic (regular);

• East;

• Mediterranean.

But in most cases, the type of future garden or park depends on the climate and relief features of the area. Professionals involved in this type of art, in addition to their main tasks, also pay special attention to aromas, light and sound effects of future creation.

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