What is the Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) in Alabama

What is the Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) in Alabama

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) is a public museum located in Birmingham, Alabama dedicated to the state’s athletic history broadcasts.

The museum features more than 5,000 items relating to Alabama-born athletes or athletes made famous by athletics that have a positive impact on the state, usually through excellence in an educational institution or sporting event in Alabama. ASHOF was established by a legislative act of the state on August 14, 1967.

ASHOF currently has over 300 inductees, including five of the top 15 athletes voted by ESPN as the Greatest Athletes of the Last Century. Nationally notable members include Jesse Owens, Hank Aaron, Joe Louis, Willie Mays, Carl Lewis, Chase Riddle, Don Hutson, Shag Jordan, Howard Hill, and Paul “Bear” Bryant. A complete list can be found on the museum’s official website. Every year, the museum hosts an introductory banquet, which brings together six to eight people who, in one way or another, have contributed to the development of the sports arena. At least two of these inductees are in the “senior” category, which covers people from before the era of modern sports. Every year, the conscript “Honored Athlete” also comes. This is usually an athlete from Alabama, but may instead be a “Outstanding American Athlete” if voted in by the Board of Directors. Two notable examples of an American athlete are President George Herbert Walker Bush and Bob Hope.

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