What is the window sill made of?

What is the window sill made of?

Nowadays, window sills, which are important elements of the interior decoration of the window, can be made of wood, natural stone, marble, granite and onyx, but the most common plastic, characterized by durability, strength, high heat -insulating characteristics and resistance to sunlight. The length of plastic window sills is usually 6000 mm, width – 100-700 and even 900 mm, thickness – 18-25 mm, and the color scheme is very diverse.

The choice of a plastic windowsill.

When choosing a plastic window sill, you need to take into account not only prices, but also the manufacturer and the thickness of the window sill wall. The most popular in our market is the products of German and Russian-German firms. You also need to remember that the window sill should not «Turn out» more than half a centimeter, otherwise it will block the path to warm air from the battery and cause the formation of condensate on the window in cold weather. If wider window sills are installed for a number of reasons, then ventilation ducts are made under them, which pass warm air from the batteries along the window and are closed with special grilles. With a large exit from the wall, the windowsill must be strengthened with brackets. By the way, if you order Voronezh plastic windows with installation, then you will be selected and also mounted a window sill and also mounted.

It should be remembered that the quality of the installation largely determines the operational properties of the windowsill. What you need to know to correctly install the windowsill?

First of all, it should not bend under load and should have a solid support. When installing it «Slow down» under the frame, incorporating with a standing profile. The support can be strengthened using wooden pads or aerated concrete slabs, the distance between which is filled with foam. Installation seam under the windowsill is plastered.

Unusual window sills, ideas.

You can lay out a beautiful stone windowsill in the kitchen, and make it the upper part of it from the material of the countertop. Arrange beautiful flowers on such a windowsill and unusual decor.

In the living room or bedroom, you can make a low window sill, and if the window is installed high, then the windowsill can be laid out with two steps, so that the lower part can provide it possible to sit by the window, and the upper one acts as a certain table. The material in this case is better to use wood to the tone of your floor. By the way, you can lengthen a high windowsill, making it comfortable for sitting in front of the window (the main thing is not quite high).

It is also worth noting that if you draw up a window sill, the window itself and the edging in the color of the floor and from the same material, then the room will look very competent.

If you use a simple white window and a white plastic windowsill, then to give more aesthetics the common type of room, the window on the inside of the room can be edged with a kind of stucco frame.

If you make a sedentary place from or during the window sill, then order pillows in the atelier for it (in shape and sizes of a sedentary place). This is how these beautiful sofas for sitting by the window are created. There are large windows in the old Soviet -type apartments, such impromptu sofas next to them will be especially relevant. Unfortunately, most new class new buildings are deprived of large window openings, so there you can make such a place on the balcony.

Feel free to extend the windowsill. Using this method, you can even make an additional table. Why spend the coveted space by purchasing a table, if you can create a cozy workplace immediately opposite the window.

A wonderful move is when all the furniture, window, window sill, etc. The room continues to continue itself and everything in it is harmonious and logical.

When making all these reconstruction with a windowsill, do not forget that you can not close the battery. Therefore, come up with some optional options that will solve this problem. For example, companies offer special structures for hiding batteries that are correctly installed, easily mounted and removed, while still giving heat to the room.

Remember that the windowsill does not have to last only along the width of the window. You can lengthen it and draw it along the width of the wall on which you want.

And the most important thing: the windowsill is one of the most interesting interior details with which you can come up with a lot of interesting things.

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