Wicker furniture – beautiful, respectable, durable

Wicker furniture – beautiful, respectable, durable

The most pleasant feelings and images arise in a Russian person when he hears about wicker furniture. A cozy country veranda with wicker chairs is drawn. A pleasant creaking of a rocking chair from the living room comes. Probably, since the time of Kievan Rus, love for wicker furniture has been living in our hearts, the manufacture of which Russian masters of vine vice were famous.

Russian masters still weave furniture from willow branches. Such furniture is environmentally friendly, durable, practically does not require care, and handmade gives it a originality.

This cozy chair will look perfect for many years if you fulfill simple care rules: regularly clean the surface of dust with a furniture brush and cover several times a year with a damp cloth.

Until recently, wicker furniture could not boast of diversity. In the Russian market, it was represented only by chairs and chairs.

The modern assortment will delight the most demanding buyer. Cabinets, cabinets, floors, tables, sofas, beds … Weaved furniture surprises with a variety of color solutions, originality and style.

Wicker furniture is used to create various interiors, bars, hotels and even offices. It is made from willow vine, rattan, bamboo, nutsh rods, from stems of reeds and banana leaves.

Chairs and armchairs are still the most common objects that can be found in catalogs of any company that makes wicker furniture. Their cost varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and exclusivity of the model.

Of the options publicly available to the Russian consumer, you can call chairs and chairs from IKEA. Bamboo armchair “Agen” is an excellent option for a low -budget purchase. However, it will please the quality of handmade and fit perfectly into the interior of a country house or a city apartment decorated in the style of “ethno”.

Original Rotan chair with the funny name “Papasan” from Calamus Rotan (Indonesia). The quality of manufacture and the excellent design of this model seduced admirers of wicker furniture for a serious purchase.

Series “Yamakawa” – also created by Indonesian masters. Manufacturers tried to combine the price/ quality/ original design ratio in the most optimal way.

Fans of exclusive wicker gizmos should pay attention to the world leaders of the furniture industry – unsurpassed creators – Italians. Their design solutions are as always on top. Prices, respectively, also.

Crinoline collection, developed by the famous Spaniard Patricia Urkiol for the company B& b; Italia “. The design of the seats gives them the splendor and airiness of the skirts-critinolines, and the openwork floral pattern gives the charm of lace. Secular chic and provincial modesty – eclecticism triumphs!

In fairness, we note that inexpensive, but very interesting developments can be found not only among the kings of furniture – Italians. Russian masters keep up with fashion trends, making exquisite chairs in the style of “modern.

Pouf “Hallar” from Ikea. Such a pretty will fit perfectly into a variety of interiors. Puff is made of seaweed seaweed. Designer Maria Vinka created it, inspired by a mountainous terrain.

Another furniture highlight from the Swedish brand is a wicker rocking chair. Nothing to do with classic options. It causes associations with an old iron or a children’s toy – Yula.

By the way about children. Wicker furniture manufacturers do not forget about babies. Cribs, cradles, children’s chairs are made on an industrial scale, and something special can be bought to order.

Woven furniture excellent solution for a children’s room. Its environmental friendliness and useful orthopedic properties will serve a good service in maintaining your baby’s health.

The days have passed when wicker furniture was associated with a summer cottage atmosphere. It is used in Hai-Tex interiors for premises decorated in the Baroque and Neoclassic style style.

Wicker furniture allows the designers to embody their most unexpected fantasies. The choice is so great that, if desired, you can furnish the whole apartment or country house, without using other options.

Durable, original, convenient-it deserved its popularity among connoisseurs of avant-garde works of furniture art, and among lovers of exquisite simplicity-classic weaved chairs and rocking armchairs.

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