Advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

Very often and a lot talk about the advantages of plastic windows, and they talk very little about their shortcomings. The main claims to plastic windows are based on improper installation. Installing metal -plastic windows is a high -tech procedure. When installing these windows, all components are of great importance, starting with measuring the opening, making glass of the package and ending with sealing seams.

Let’s look at the often emerging questions.

What is PVC.

Polyvinyl chloride is obtained from table salt and oil. This material is considered neutral because it does not enter into reaction with moisture and air. This is environmentally friendly and safe material. It is also used in the production of containers for storing blood and plasma.

Why should the windows measure specialists.

The duties of the measurer include not only the window measurement, but also the inspection and evaluation of window openings . It is necessary to strictly observe the dimensions of the retreating box from the surface of the opening, in order to ensure the correct execution of the mounting seam in the future.

Why are plastic windows for a long time.

Production of windows is a very technological process. If you follow all technological norms and requirements (to get a high -quality window), then from the window it will take from two to three weeks.

How much time is the window installation.

The installation of the window includes not only the installation of a new window, window sill, tide and slopes, but also dismantling the old window and window sill. Therefore, on average, the process of installing the window takes about 4 hours.

When is it better to install windows during major repairs.

The windows should be installed on the finish wall decoration when the walls are prepared for painting or pasting.

Why are plastic windows worsen microclimate.

Not always, increased humidity and stuffiness, are the result of a poor -quality window installation. Often this is due to the poor operation of the ventilation system. Install the new ventilation system, and the microclimate will immediately change.

Despite all the shortcomings, plastic windows are better than old, wooden, they retain heat and do not miss the noise. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is the best option for new windows, the most economical and not problematic. Plastic windows are a modern, inexpensive and technological approach to solving the problem of glazing the room. Now the variety of shapes and colors is so great that you can choose a window, any frame and any glass package and other accessories for every taste and wallet for every taste and wallet.

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