Advantages and disadvantages of silk decorative plaster

Advantages and disadvantages of silk decorative plaster

Decorative silk plaster is a textile coating used for interior wall decoration and ceiling of the room. During the production of the material, various substances of natural origin are used, such as silk, cellulose fibers, cellulose glue, mineral filler, as well as various decoration additives (mica, mother of pearl, sparkles and others). A similar finishing material is implemented in various containers. The process of its preparation and application largely depends on the technological process specified in the instructions, which often accompanies each brand of silk plaster.

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The main advantages of the material

A similar finishing material can be used without preliminary leveling of the walls, since its composition allows you to successfully fill all the cracks and holes around the platbands, skirting boards and sockets. In addition, such plaster allows you to create a seamless coating, which allows you to apply the material without observing the contours and the ingestion of the elements of the picture. It is also worth highlighting a high level of thermal insulation, sound insulation, as well as vapor permeability of the coating, which allows you to create an optimal microclimate in the processed room. In the case of shrinkage of the design, such a finish will not crack or break, like wallpapers, since thanks to a special composition it is elastic and capable of stretching. It is also worth noting an excellent appearance of surfaces after finishing with silk plaster and good stability of the material to fading and burnout in the sun. Another advantage is ease of care and resistance to dust attraction with silk plaster.

Weak sides of the material

One of the main disadvantages of the material is a long drying time, which most often is up to 72 hours. In addition, such finishing material has increased sensitivity to various smells, which leads to the undesirable use of silk plaster in rooms where they often smoke. She is also afraid of water and high humidity. In addition, silk plaster has a relatively low level of wear resistance, therefore it is not recommended to use it in places of large accumulations of people.

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