Corporal fences – beautiful and practical

Corporal fences – beautiful and practical

An integral part of the design of any yard and site is a fence. This element carries an aesthetic direction, and also performs a protective function. Fences are divided into several types: wooden fences, natural stone fences, corporate fences, brick fences, fences using mesh – rabits and a combined type.  Each of these species has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The wooden fence has a very widespread prevalence. It is mainly used to protect a country or personal plot.  Wooden elements that can be made of a strict boards, lines and even residues from sawing: humps, a non -standard gathering board are a filling. Such a fence has a low cost, the possibility of repainting in various colors. The disadvantages include the need for additional costs, care, fragility, gradual destruction.

Corrugated board is a material that today is increasingly used for the construction of a fence, this choice is justified by high quality, as well as low cost. The fence from the corrugated board provides reliable protection against penetrations, has a long service life, the fence from this material is quite strong, which is undoubtedly large advantages. The unique properties of corrugated board allow you to use it to build a fence in any climatic zone.  This material is especially in demand for fencing country cottages. The fence does not require additional care, provides protection against dust and wind, as well as good sound insulation.

Natural stone fences fit perfectly into any landscape due to their decorativeness. As elements, a red, ordinary or facing brick is used, which is plastered, as well as cobblestones, limestone or shells, sandstone.  The masonry is quite durable and does not require additional care.

For dachas, it became more popular to use mesh fences – rabits, as it is cheap, quite convenient and functional. However, such a fence will have to be periodically painted, tighten.

The choice of a particular type of fence is an individual solution of each person, it all depends on the personal requirements for the fence.  If you carry out the installation efficiently, then any fence will last a long time.

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