Domophones for a private house

Domophones for a private house

Today, the issues of preventing unauthorized penetration into housing, the preservation of personal property and personal security are very relevant, given the criminal environment worsening every day. One way to ensure security for yourself and your loved ones, your own property is the manufacture of a reliable fence around a house or cottage and installing an intercom device. With its help, you can effectively control access to the territory of private ownership.

Before you finally choose an intercom for a private house, you should take into account the features of such devices, since they come in various types – access (for installation in apartment buildings) and individual, which are intended for private households. The simplest intercoms consist of two blocks – external and internal, which are interconnected by communications, and an electromechanical or electric lock. Based on which communication channel is used in the device for the connection of external and internal blocks, this type of device is divided into audioomophones and video intercoms.

The audio house represents a more economical version of such products. It uses an audio channel for communication, that is, who wants to enter the territory of a person’s ownership can only be heard, but not to observe visually. Structurally, the audioomphones include the calling block, which is mounted at the entrance gate or gate, as well as the terminal installed directly in the living room, not far from the front door. The device is also equipped with a telephone pipe.

Video intercoms are more suitable for country houses, since they allow not only to talk with visitors, but also to see them. In addition, in the event of non -standard situations, using such a device, you can inspect the adjacent territory without leaving them at home. Therefore, the video intercom is more effective from the point of view of ensuring the safety of housing. Such a product, in addition to the internal, external unit and the calling panel, is equipped with a display, usually a monochrome type.

Also, in most cases, such a device is equipped with an alarming button and monitor switches. The installation of such devices can be done independently, but, to obtain a guarantee of their long and high -quality use, you should contact a specialized enterprise.

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