Drilling of an artesian well for a cottage

Drilling of an artesian well for a cottage

Quite often, owners of private houses, which are not able to connect to the general water supply system, decide on the creation of an artesian well on the site. Among all options for organizing autonomous water supply sources, this one is considered the most expensive. But also the most convenient and effective.

The main advantages of the artesian well:

High drainage. Well performance for a private house – up to 3 cubic meters per hour. If you give preference to the option “on the sand”, then you can get a maximum of 1 cubic meter per hour. Therefore, the drilling of an artesian well is recommended for large mansions, as well as for houses with an impressive personal plot requiring watering. Due to the presence of such a well, homeowners will have no problems with the volume of water consumption.

Uninterrupted. When using an artesian well, you can not worry about the fact that a stream of water from the tap will barely flow out. As a rule, this type of source provides good stable pressure even when organizing several points of water. For example, an artesian well is capable of maintaining excellent pressure even when using 5 points of water. And a similar design “on sand” already at 3 cannot provide the proper pressure.

Durability. The upper sand layers are not as plentiful for water as the lower, limestone. Moreover, they are usually more actively operated (due to the cheapness of water sources “on the sand” and the lack of the need to obtain special permits for drilling). Therefore, it is likely that the sandy layers are quickly exhausted and the well will dry out (for several years). And the artesian water supply of the cottage from the well, with the proper care of the design and its elements, will exist for decades.

High water quality. Moisture from the upper layers of the soil does not penetrate into the limestone layers. Therefore, the water in them is very clean and high -quality.

It is important to entrust the organization of artesian water supply to professionals. Those who have reliable modern drilling equipment and the experience of such work in different regions. Experts know all the rules for arranging a well, and also understand how to take them into account in their work in a particular case. It is important to remember that real professionals always give the customer a project for the established design. And also give a guarantee for it for a long time. Some substantial companies have post -warranty services, which is very profitable for the client.

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