In contemporary art, eclecticism is actually much more common than it might seem at first glance. Even such a popular minimalism, unable to withstand its severity of the lines, gradually began to create traditional movements regarding the design of the branch of the branch of the branch.

So today in the design of the interior of apartments of many people who are directly interested in the history of distant countries who adore travels, one can find just such a mixture of structural and folk styles. For example, the classic interior design of the house may contain as decorative elements the traditional motives of the distant countries of Asia, Africa, America.

In some cases, each individual thing, one way or another, takes part in creating interior design, is the bearer of the history of this space or a specific family. The chest of drawers can be from the Victorian era of England, the sofa – from the workshop of the carpenter Ivan Kuzmich, who decorated 50 years ago, but famous for his skillful hands and creative thinking, and a convenient orthopedic bed can be acquired recently in the store and correspond to all the latest trends in minimalism. But this does not at all resemble a kind of tasteless combination of incongruous. This interior design is characteristic of a person for whom memories are of great importance.

Many interesting things brought from the distant corners of the world, the favorite pieces of furniture, which are in the design of the interior of the cottage and living in the family for many generations, form an old way, saturated with the spirit of the movement and the desire of a person for new impressions. Today they understand eclecticism as the design of the interior of the house or its site, most often used to decorate the interior of the cabinet or living room.

But even in ancient Greece, the philosophical teaching of eclecticism was understood as the art of choosing the best of everything from everything – whether it is knowledge, teachings or objects. In such a spectrum, eclecticism in the interior design looks like a perfectionism system, acting in accordance with which a person tries to choose and select objects combined with each other in color, cultures, eras, smoothly transferring it from one tradition to another, from the past time to the future to the future.

In fact, with the correct development of the design of the interior project, the eclectic style looks very organic and is the most comfortable for the immediate owners of the home. Today, almost any professional interior design studio can offer services for this style, regardless of where it is located.

Of course, elements of eclecticism can be found in the overwhelming number of interiors of various styles and directions. So, for example, those who design the interior of the cottage in the style of Rusty, in addition to a simple rustic style that has come from the depths of centuries, add numerous elements of modern life: equipment, photographs, modern materials. This is also a kind of eclecticism, which in this case is almost impossible to avoid, unlike Kitch, the eclecticism looks organic and does not pursue its goal to impress with wealth, wealth and the supposedly high position of the surrounding people.

The purpose of this style in the design of the interior is to follow its own interests, the preservation of traditions and achieve the comfort of the internal and external world of the owner. The old wardrobe, which was still from the great -great -grandmother and has become a native to several generations, will never be thrown out into the street, taking a worthy place in the design of the interior of the cottage and comfortably perched next to the latest home -made stereo system.

Pictures of painters, which at international auctions can have considerable value, will harmoniously adjust to the creations of their own hands in the inhabitants of this space, often even with children’s drawings. And it looks very family, as if combining the whole large family through the design of the interior of the house for many generations.

In all countries, regions, many years, there are companies whose specialization is the interior design. Moscow, Odessa, Donetsk, Lviv, Crimea – it does not make sense – everywhere you can, if necessary, meet professionals in the design of the interior of apartments, houses, office premises. But it is precisely a professional is necessary for a high -quality implementation of this style.

Eclectic style requires a serious campaign to solve the issue. Serious cooperation is important here directly with the designer, who, for maximum compliance with your requirements, will have to imbue the atmosphere of your family and create the best image for the embodiment of a cozy family hearth.

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