Entrance metal doors.

Entrance metal doors.

Entrance metal doors with vinyl -willed decoration are available in price and at the same time look great. Viniliska is an artificial material consisting of the base and a polymer working layer. Often it surpasses the skin in strength, wear resistance and durability. There are many types of vinylski, characterized by thickness, resistance to mechanical influences, foundation material, texture, color palette. Between the vinilisk and a metal door leaf, foam rubber is placed with a thickness of 0.5 mm or a boar, which gives the surface volume and is an additional protection from external sounds and cold.

A wide selection of the finishes of domestic and foreign production turns a nondescript metal entrance door into an individual and memorable element of the interior. We offer input metal doors with vinyl -willed trimming various parameters and colors. You can choose the color and texture of the finish from the catalog from our measurer.

Metal entrance doors with laminate trimmed are the most popular door products. Laminate (laminated panel) is easily processed, and the products trimmed by it look attractive. The drawing on the laminate simulates valuable wood species, the material is pleasant to the touch, environmentally friendly, convenient in operation and will last a long time with proper care.

Laminate is a multilayer structure consisting of a rigid base, which carries a layer of pressed particles of wood with binding polymers, a decorative layer with a pattern. It is not recommended to finish the external side of the metal front door with laminate, which goes out into the street and exposed to moisture. In addition, you should not wipe with a wet rag of door with laminated panels, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth, and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth.

Different types of laminate can differ in the class of strength. The decorative layer of the laminate is made of paper, on which a printing method can be applied to a drawing of any complexity and coloring.

Reliable entrance metal doors successfully resist the hacking, do not let the noise from the entrance, extraneous smells, cold and drafts, look worthy and powerful into the house. The design of the metal front door is made of high -quality steel, enhanced by stiffeners, has several degrees of protection from unauthorized hacking.

Production and installation of entrance doors

We offer Russian production products, so we have affordable prices for entrance metal doors and a high degree of product reliability. On the site, options for finishing, accessories and locks for entrance metal doors are available for familiarization.

On the site you will find various types of input steel doors for apartments, offices, private houses, vestibules and entrances. Our meters will perform accurate measurements, and the installers will deliver and install the entrance metal doors within the specified time.

We are ready to offer you the front doors:

Also, in addition to metal entrance doors, we make lattices on windows, garage gates, greenhouses, visors and various metal structures. In standard configuration, our steel entrance doors fully meet all the requirements for the hacking resistance of metal structures. Each buyer who acquires a Russian steel front door provides a decent protection.

We strive not only to ensure that our entrance steel doors have a decent appearance, but also to be truly strong. Any customer has the opportunity to supplement the front steel door in the basic configuration with additional components or choose a different non -standard fittings for the entrance metal door from our catalog.

Our any entrance door consists of: an enhanced metal door leaf with an outer sheet 2 mm thick, a metal sheet of hot or cold rolling of a reliable metal door box of steel anti -removable locks of metal ribs of stiffness, for greater strength of the steel structure

2 locks, upper – sovalda safe type, lower – cylinder with a handle on the bar the heat – and the soundproof layer of the wide view of the eye.

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