Finishing a small bedroom

Finishing a small bedroom

The housing problem is still relevant for all living in the post -Soviet space. Despite the increasing rate of construction every day, not everyone will be able to purchase an apartment with an area of ​​150 square meters. meters or more. Therefore, most live in small apartments inherited.

But, despite this, it is quite possible to create a stylish and beautiful interior even in a small apartment. And small bedrooms are no exception here. For a visual increase in space, it is necessary to use materials performed in light color colors, since dark tones can visually reduce even a rather extensive space. Furniture, walls, mattresses of the consul should also be bright. This will create the effect of a large bedroom space. The combination of dark and bright elements of the decor is suitable as accents.

The use of strips will create the illusion of high ceilings and long walls. You can also apply the staining technique of one surface, thanks to which the impression of the expansion of the area is created by highlighting one part against the background of the rest. It is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of furniture for a small bedroom. It should be light, not cluttering space. It is better to choose a bed not very wide, for example, in a Japanese style. This option will look great with the competent design of the bedroom interior.

All free room room should be functional. In small bedrooms, all furniture should be used, which is easily cleaned and folded in case of rare use. In this case, it is necessary to give preference to sofas and chairs without handles, since such designs look more compact and light. Multifunctional furniture is also well suited for storing things. It can be a box under the bed, and hollow inside the ottomank, and much more. Open rack and hinged shelves also look good.

Curtains should also be light and bright. They must be hung from the ceiling itself, and not from window frames. Thanks to this, the wall where the window is located will look somewhat wider and higher. You should also not forget about lighting, playing a very important role in interior design. Natural light should not be muffled, but artificial lighting sources are best placed at different levels.

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