Garden lighting

Garden lighting

Using lighting, you can achieve interesting effects of the implementation of the landscape design project. Conditionally, the lighting can be divided into functional-lighting of paths, entrances to the house, lighting of the porch and steps, emphasizing lighting-fixing attention on some element of the design,

Universal lighting – when the whole garden or most of it is covered at once.

Filling, which creates a comfortable environment and evenly illuminates, for example, a recreation area or a playground. Accompanying, when, fixed lamps fixed at a small altitude, the retaining walls and other elements of landscape design illuminate. By the way, buy in bulk chandeliers and lamps, you can in the online store . Lighting from this store will seem to you creating the effect of lighteners on landscaping elements and individual structures. Used, also, for the illumination of reservoirs and the creation of lighting effects. Technical, which is used for household needs.

The value of lighting in landscape design is difficult to overestimate. No wonder in the West there is already a new specialty – a light designer who is very well paid. These experts deal only with the problems of lighting garden and park objects of various sizes.

With the help of lighting, you can achieve amazing results. In dusk and in the dark, using properly selected lighting, you can turn the garden into a unique object with the most fantastic shades of green spaces and other elements of the design project. With the help of lighting, not only color and composition are in the original way, but also the depth, density and texture of the entire landscape design project.

As in any business, in the process of covering the garden there are many of its nuances. Many purely specific terms and concepts are used. In addition to the above species and lighting groups, there are concepts such as contour and controversial lighting. This is when the light source is used to emphasize, for example, an interesting crown of wood. In this case, the light source itself is placed directly on the tree or near it. Such lighting gives the illuminated object a raid of mystery.

Or such a thing as diagonal lighting. Lamps, with such lighting, take a position between frontal and side lamps. At the same time, chiaroscuro becomes sharper, and the illuminated object stands out more relief.

With the help of lighting, the most ordinary garden can turn into a fabulous garden at night.

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