Glued beam – new generation building material.

Glued beam – new generation building material.

Individual housing construction in our country in recent years has been developing extremely rapid pace. At the same time, the main requirements of homeowners are the highest possible quality of the construction and the minimum period of work. And here the determining factor is not only the qualification of the developer company, but also the material from which the construction is carried out. Probably an ideal option for both the developer and the customer can be called such a type of building material as glued beams. It is not surprising that recently he has gained very wide popularity in the construction of individual low -rise construction objects. Having made a choice in favor of building a house from glued beams, the customer receives a lot of undeniable advantages. Glued beam has excellent thermal insulation qualities. Despite the fact that the thickness of the walls in houses from this material is much less than in buildings from logs or bricks, heat losses in them are minimal. And this is explained not only by the internal structure of the beam. For example, during the construction of houses from logs, the crowns cannot be fitted closely one to another. Between them inevitably, gaps that have to be additionally filled with insulation. In addition, the problem areas of log buildings are always the angles of the structure, which cannot be completely isolated from the penetration of wind and moisture. Glued beam allows you to completely solve these problems. The bars are tightly adjacent to one another, due to the grooves and rowers, their ideal connection is ensured. The angles are also obtained almost tight. Thanks to the detailed production technology, glued beams, unlike logs, does not give shrinkage over time and is not subjected to deformation. Each layer before gluing is thoroughly dried and aligned. In addition, a turnkey house or a bathhouse from glued beam does not require additional exterior decoration. After assembly, the structural elements form a perfectly even monolithic surface, which can significantly save both means and time. The beam supplied by the manufacturer does not require additional processing at the construction site. All details come from the factory already numbered and fitted to each other. In fact, they can only be assembled, as a designer, on a pre -prepared foundation. Each element will be processed in factory conditions in accordance with the project of the house or bath. Among other amenities, this also gives a huge scope for the flight of the imagination of the architect and designer. The possibility of making parts of almost any configuration allows you to implement any project.

Of course, glued beam – the material is not cheap. However, if you calculate all the advantages that allow the owner of the house from the beam to make a certain savings, you can see that it is quite profitable to build from it at home, baths and even gazebo from glued beams. Let’s start with the fact that this material perfectly holds heat inside the house and does not pass the cold and dampness inside. But heating is one of the most costly articles on the maintenance of a residential building.

During construction, significant savings are taking place due to reducing the costs of buying materials for warming up joints and decoration of the facade of the building. Glued beam when assembling a house or bath is not required to be additionally processed, therefore – no need to attract additional labor and purchase or rent a tool. The parts of any configuration are supplied with complete freedom in choosing the interior of the building under construction. This material is durable, which will reduce the number of repairs in the future.

Well, and finally – saving by reducing the construction time. This will not only quickly settle in a new house, but also reduce the costs of paying for the services of builders. Thus, houses made of glued beam are not only presented, comfortable and high -quality housing, but also – economical.

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