How to choose high -quality summer furniture?

How to choose high -quality summer furniture?

Everyone knows how beautiful summer furniture is in a green corner of the garden, a criminal pool, in a cozy cafe. Knowing how to make the right choice, you will buy exactly the furniture that will bring you the greatest joy of the recruitment and will adorn the interior in an original way.

Each person, regardless of what he does during working hours, should rest well. Do you work as an accountant, create an interior design, or your main work is – the optimization of sites, of course, everyone needs a vacation in sufficient quantities.

With the help of selected summer furniture, you can create an amazing beauty at home. Early in the morning, when the dew still shines, it is so nice to drink coffee in the cozy corner of the garden you created, and into battle – to reduce balance, organize the creation of sites or create a design project. A good mood is provided to you.

How to make the right choice of furniture?

A feature of the purchase of beach furniture is the fulfillment of requirements dictated by the preservation of furniture in operating conditions on the street and near the water. The strength of garden, beach, street furniture depends on the operation in the open air, but to a greater extent on the material and the quality of manufacture.

Varieties of summer furniture are as follows:

Wooden furniture.

Plastic furniture.

Metal frame furniture.

Reliable wooden furniture will be only when it is high -quality made of good wood. A good tree in furniture production is determined by the following indicators: the hardness of the breed; moisture resistance; The value of deformation under the influence of moisture.

The life of the furniture depends on them. The firmly the tree, the better it opposes the physical effect. The resistance to humidity characterizes how quickly the material begins to absorb moisture, swell and collapse. According to studies, the best material for the production of wooden furniture is oak and tick. If you stop on wooden furniture, then know: such furniture must be covered with special impregnations.

Plastic furniture has a low price, but small practicality. The higher the quality of manufacture, the longer such furniture can last, although plastic furniture will not last long, in the sun it breaks and even melts.

Metal frame furniture is the best option for summer furniture. Popular material for metal frame – aluminum. By weight, it is low, in cost – inexpensive, corrosion is not amenable. The steel frame must be covered with an anti -corrosion coating.

What is valued in summer furniture the most?

Practicality. The furniture should be light so that it can be easily rearranged, brought into the room. The ability to fold such furniture for convenient storage in winter.

Resistance to wear. It is important to choose the right type of summer furniture, as mentioned earlier.

Beautiful appearance and originality.

In order for your choice to please you for a long time, you need to properly care for furniture. Here are the basic rules of such care.

When cleaning wooden surfaces, you should not use hard brushes that can damage the surface. Better use soft fabric.

Apply special furniture care products.

Use furniture strictly for its intended purpose. Do not sit on the tables, do not use chairs for purposes that they do not match.

Store summer furniture in winter in certain conditions, at a temperature of not lower than +15 s, with a humidity of not more than 60 %, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Annually check the nodes of metal connections to prevent breakage.

When fulfilling these simple requirements, your cafe will attract customers with its originality and beauty. At home, in the garden or by the pool you will receive a true pleasure, relaxing after a working day: the accepted design project, the accounted accounting report or after the site is successfully promoted. You deserve this rest!

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