How to create home comfort –

How to create home comfort –

Everyone wants his apartment to be comfortable and comfortable. But good housing is very expensive, and major repairs in an existing apartment will cost a little cheaper. In this case, recommendations will come to the rescue to create comfort in the apartment developed by professional designers. Consider the most effective of them.

One of the most common ways to make a room more comfortable is the zoning of the room. The visual division of the room into functional zones not only makes it more stylish, but also helps to create an appropriate mood. In different corners of the room you can concentrate on working moments, relax after a hard day, do cooking, etc. D. There are many methods for distinguishing between such areas. It can be different color execution of the sections of the room, a change of floor texture, all kinds of arches and columns, various lighting intensity, partitions.

Reliable sound insulation also applies to techniques that allows you to make housing cozy. Another important point is the elimination of an unpleasant odor. So, in the process of cooking, sharp and unpleasant odors can become a serious annoying factor. In addition, they tend to absorb furniture and persist there for a long time. Therefore, you need to think over the hood system in advance or use partitions. They can also serve as a means of sound insulation.

The visual increase in space also contributes to the creation of atmosphere of freedom and airiness in the apartment. To do this, you can use mirror cabinets, glass tables, special patterns on the floor, scattered lighting in the interior of the room.

A visual increase in the height of the ceiling will also help to achieve the task. So, for example, the ceiling in the corridor can be made high, and the ceilings in the rooms of medium heights. The illusion of a high ceiling is easily achieved by using wallpaper with a special pattern.

When choosing doors, pay attention to the reliability of fasteners. If the doors in your apartment are knocking from the slightest draft, this will at least cause discomfort to the residents, and it is better to pay attention to the worships of Wassefalle . Also note that the doors must be selected one style. The same principle concerns the windows. Do not create asymmetry where you can avoid this.

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