Hypsum -plastic circuit lining with drywall

Hypsum -plastic circuit lining with drywall

The walls that we are going to glue gypsum plasters can have various uniformity. Depending on the surface, the methods of pasting can be divided into three types:

on an even base (unevenness up to 4 mm)

unevenness not more than 20 mm;

irregularities of more than 20 mm.

In the first case, when the walls are quite even use special adhesive mixtures. Glue is applied in stripes along the edges and in the center, a thin layer. If the sheet thickness is 9.5 mm, then two longitudinal layers of glue will be enough. When using thicker drywall, an additional series of glue in the middle will be required.

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In the second case, the adhesive mixture must be applied with small slides around the entire perimeter and in the center. The distance between the heaps should be at least 300 mm. If the distance is sufficiently narrow glue can be applied directly to the wall. The sheet can be installed on the wall, after applying the adhesive mixture. For a good gearing with the wall to occur well with it needs to be well pressed.

In the third case, when the irregularities are more than 20 mm, the walls are mandatory before lining with drywall sheets. For this, strips of drywall are cut. The resulting stripes are glued along the perimeter of the wall, at the joints of the sheets and in the center. Stripes are the basis for future cladding, so it is necessary to level them as much as possible in level in one plane. If you plan to install shelves or equipment on this wall, in the places of fasteners, you also need to glue the stripes.  You can glue plasterboard sheets after the glue hardens, that is, it should pass at least two hours. The technology of gluing sheets is similar to the first case, only the strips of glue applied must correspond to the lanes on the walls. This method of application can be used for window slopes, after installing plastic windows.

All walls, regardless of irregularities, must first be cleaned and treated with a primer before work. If after installing the sheets, a small amount of mixture appears along the edges to seal the side joints.

Lay all communications and hidden wiring before facing work. The ends of the wires must be withdrawn with a margin so that after the end of the cladding and execution of holes, the installation of electrical equipment can be installed.


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