Leveling – what is it, what it is for and how to use it?

Leveling – what is it, what it is for and how to use it?

Let’s answer the question of what is the level? The level is a geodetic device with which the measurements of high -altitude points are made.

Levelers are different: laser levels, optical levels. In terms of accuracy of measurements, they are classified as accurate, high -precision or technical geodetic devices.

Manufacturers make considerable efforts so that the use of a geodetic device is intuitive to any person and as simple as possible. However, not everyone will be able to correctly apply the level, even despite the fact that it is attached to it very detailed and accurate instructions written in an affordable language.

Optical level

A person has been using optical levels for many years. The first devices appeared in the 17th century. The design of the optical level is extremely simple: a cylindrical level, trigger is a stand for it and a visual pipe. To begin with, adjusting the height of the legs with a convenient clamp, we install the tripod at the measurement site. It is better to choose the site is equal, an experienced surveyor will easily find a point from which the view of as many points to be measured will be opened.

Then we need to install the level on a tripod, this also needs to try to do exactly. After with the help of three trigger screws, we make a fine setting of the horizontal device of the device. In practice, to do this is simple: first we have the device in parallel to two screws, we seek that the bubble enters the center of the circle, after turning the leveling the level perpendicularly and drive the bubble to the center with the third screw to the third screw. Then we return the device to the previous position.

Then you need to determine the horizon of the level. To do this, set a rail to a well -known point, achieve maximum verticality. We add or decrease the report on the rack report to us. So we have determined the horizon, now you can transfer the points, or determine any others that are interesting to you.

Laser level

This device is ideal for work in rooms. For example, when aligning surfaces such as walls, floor, ceiling. Often they are used when laying tiles. Working with laser levels is very simple. It is better to just read the instructions for your device.

Whatever level you choose, the main thing is not to rush and at each stage act as accurately as possible.

Based on materials from Nivelir.Kiev.

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